De Campbells #3 De Gijzelaar – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Jose Luis Munuera
Illustrations: Jose Luis Munuera
Coloring: Sedyas
Publisher: Dupuis

De Campbells #3 De Gijzelaar – Comic Book Review

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We head out to open seas once again, albeit quite reluctantly. Campbell, a retired pirate finds himself in new predicaments, even though he does his best to avoid all things that remind him of his old life. Campbell tries to raise his two daughters, far away from danger, but it seems dangers has a knack of finding him. In this third issue of ‘De Campbells’, his daughters will have no other choice than to follow their father’s footsteps.


The story of this issue will situate itself in two different time periods, namely when Campbell was still a pirate/learning to be a pirate and the present, where he finds himself kidnapped by the very people he used to ‘work’ with.

Twenty years in the past, we learn that Campbell’s fiancé is Fanny Morgane, the most feared pirate of that time. She removes her mask and thus her crew learns that their revered captain is actually a woman, which is simply blasphemy. Just when the crew decides to lynch their former master, the young Campbell and his brother jump in the fray, to protect her. When things get truly heated, it seems that the army is sneaking up on them, causing the disgruntled pirates to form one front again to dispose of the pesky government forces.

In the present, Campbell again finds himself in a sticky situation, as his old brothers in arms have abducted the ex-pirate. When his daughters hear of this, they can’t sit by and let their father suffer, get hurt or even worse, get killed. Sadly, they have to find themselves a reasonable force to head into the pirates’ lair in order to get their father back. Nonetheless, it seems both daughters have a plan up their sleeves. It’s clear that the older daughter, Itaca is the brains behind the plan, whilst the little Genova is already a small force to be reckoned with.


Due to the different timelines things get quite exciting early on in the issue, as you’ll be presented with many different conflict situations, whilst you will have to wait until they get resolved. The alternation of time periods often happens right before a key moment, which builds up a reasonable amount of suspense.

Jose Luis Munuera took care of both the story as well as the illustrations and in both aspect he does an outstanding job. Even though the story is rather serious at times, it still has a very comical undertone, making things very pleasant to read. The illustrations prove to be very detailed, colorful and also share the same comical style, making everything fit together perfectly.


De Campbells #3 De Gijzelaar presents us with different small stories, that will start filling up gaps in Campbell’s past. The issue will be quite suspenseful, especially seeing Campbell’s daughters will have to get their hands dirty, in order to save their father from his past. Overall, a very fun issue, that shows that this series still has a lot to offer.


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Rating: 8.5/10 (2 votes cast)
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De Campbells #3 De Gijzelaar - Comic Book Review, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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