De Kiekeboes #147 Gebroken Zwart – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Merho
Illustrations: Jos Vanspauwen, Thomas Du Caju, Merho, Kristof Fagard
Coloring: Ine Merhottein
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

De Kiekeboes #147 Gebroken Zwart – Comic Book Review

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The Kiekeboes have been around for years, and while we thought comic book characters such as them could never change (or age, for that matter), the opposite seems to be the case in this new release. Fanny is getting married, which could change the look of the comic book forever. But let’s hold our horses for now, and await the outcome of this album. We haven’t heard her story yet…

De Kiekeboes 147 Gebroken Zwart banner

What nobody ever deemed possible is happening today: Fanny is getting married. Her fiancé is the incredibly famous football player Gamba Keiseksi, but somehow, her family can’t help but think something is wrong. She has always been against the institution of marriage and now all of a sudden she jumps into marriage with a man she hardly knows? It’s just not like Fanny to do such a thing, and they wonder what could be the reason of all this.

While they are attending the modest wedding ceremony in Tuscany, the Kiekeboes start contemplating about what happened during the weeks before: how Fanny came home one day with Keiseksi and announced their marriage, how they came to meet Wolf Devos, a great businessman and owner of KV De Zware Voet, the football team Keiseksi plays in, how they all ended up in this little church in Tuscany. Fanny, oddly enough, is wondering the same thing. A few weeks before, she was jogging in the park when suddenly she saw two men shoot another man. She ran off and luckily got saved by Wolf Devos, who even offered her a drink. The drink knocked her out though, and when she wake up, she found herself in Devos’ villa. Devos tried to pin the murder the man in the park on her, and unless she married Keiseksi, he was going to turn her in. As Fanny had no recollection at all about what happened earlier at the park, she agreed to the whole thing, scared to be handed over to the police. But one question still remains: Why is she forced into a marriage with Keiseksi?

The story is nicely built up, where you’ll have all characters contemplating about the last few weeks. That results in the comic book only having the time span of the wedding ceremony itself, while you get to know the history behind it through everybody’s shifting thoughts. It’s something different than what we are used to, yet it’s interesting to read, as despite the limited timespan, lots of action is still going on and you get a lot of information. There is, as we are used to with De Kiekeboes, quite a decent plot that is not too straightforward and will have you wondering most of the time as to what is truly going on.

Not much has changed compared to the previous issues when it comes to the illustrations. The characters all still look their usual, recognizable self, yet it is fun to see them all dressed up for the occasion. Especially Moemoe’s hat will steal the show in this album.


De Kiekeboes #147 Gebroken Zwart has an interesting plot that is nicely built up through the thoughts that go through the characters’ heads while attending Fanny’s wedding. As a fan of the series, you will already have known from the start that something was not right, as Fanny would never marry, but you won’t find out that easily what exactly it is. Fans and newcomers alike will surely have a fun time figuring this one out.

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