De Kiekeboes #148 Nepwerk – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Merho
Illustrations: Jos Vanspauwen, Thomas Du Caju, Merho
Coloring: Ine Merhottein
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

De Kiekeboes #148 Nepwerk – Comic Book Review

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The Kiekeboes are ready for a new adventure. Fanny meets the charming tennis coach Wout Bos, while Marcel becomes senior manager supplies and logistics of the European branch of Ninix, a new cheap sports brand, and Moemoe thinks her last hour has come. In short, it promises to be an interesting story.

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Kil Im-now, CEO of an Asian company specialized in anything cheap and fake, is looking to introduce his newest brand Ninix on the European market. The brand sells sports clothing and gear, very similar to the brand Letzkiz, be it at a fraction of the price. Thanks to his partner Sue Shi, Kil Im-now hires Marcel Kiekeboe’s boss Firmin Vandekasseien as his European sales officer, and thus Vandekasseien tries to convince the promising tennis talent Lotte Morgaen to take Ninix as a sponsor.

At the same time, Fanny and her friend Alanis take tennis lessons at the same club as Lotte, with Wout Bos as their coach. Fanny soon notices that something is bugging Wout, when she overhears a conversation between him and Sue Shi.

While Marcel is busy helping Firmin, his mother thinks her last hour has come, as according to the internet, she shows symptoms that are life threatening. While the Kiekeboes visit her at the hospital, the same woman Sue Shi turns up. A strange coincidence, to say the least.

The Kiekeboe family is once again drawn into some shady business, not surprisingly featuring Marcel’s boss Vandekasseien as well. The story comes together from quite a few different angles, as Fanny’s new tennis coach and Moemoe’s illness become part of the storyline as well. Because of these different angles, it’s fun as a reader to raise certain questions and find out certain connections, before the what and why are completely revealed.

The illustrations are what you’d expect of a typical comic book of the Kiekeboes. Next to the main characters, the additional characters look quite stereotypical, yet with a funny note.


De Kiekeboes #148 Nepwerk gives you everything you’d expect from a Kiekeboes comic book: an exciting storyline with different angles, which all give you clues as to the plot of the story, and characters that are quite stereotypical, but therefor also funny. This issue is definitely a nice addition to the series.

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