De Legende van het Wisselkind: Integrale Uitgave – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Written by: Pierre Dubois
Illustrations: Xavier Fourquemin
Coloring: Scarlett Smulkowski
Publisher: Le Lombard

De Legende van het Wisselkind: Integrale Uitgave – Comic Book Review

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Many of us still enjoy a good fairytale now and then, with many mythical beings, heroic deeds and simply the atmosphere of a good adventure. Truth be told, it’s safe to assume that many among us would actually love to be the hero of a great adventure, even those who might not consider themselves actual hero-material. That being said, now it’s also time for an adventure of epic proportions, with a very unlikely hero in the lead.


In a world where industry is starting to form and legendary creatures are nearly forgotten, except for making good stories for children, something is amiss. It seems our world is not the only world out there, but there are different worlds, which every so often overlap. Whilst this may sound like a fun happening, as you would be able to see creatures from a different world, it is actually something very bad without the necessary preparation. When the worlds overlap and ‘Chaos’ will reign free, if there’s nothing to stop it. Sadly, not everyone can take up arms to defeat the dark and grim Chaos, but only an Elven child, raised by humans can do so, as he would belong to two different worlds. This peculiar situation brings us to the Jobson family, where a second child, named Peter, is born. All is well for the family, until one day, when Peter’s sister has to look out for him, she places him under a maypole, whilst chasing after a butterfly. Sadly, upon her return, the boy is missing. The search attempts have no results but the mother, Betty Jobson, has her own plan to get her son back. She makes an offer at the maypole, as they are seen as magical trees, asking the Elves, who are commonly in charge of such a tree, to bring her son back. It seems the Elves met her halfway and returned a baby, just not her own. Thomas Jobson, the father, immediately spots this, but still raises the boy as his own.


When Peter starts growing up, he gets the nickname Scrubby but it’s clear that this boy is not a normal child. Whilst having a good imagination is one thing, Scrubby tends to see many things that other people cannot. He sees certain mythical deities, and makes a friend in the magical forest, where people dare not go into. When the coming harvest fails, Scrubby and his family make for the city, hoping to have a better life there. Sadly, what awaits them is despair, poverty and every hardship one could imagine. Nonetheless, it seems Scrubby was supposed to come here, as he will have his first encounter with Chaos. From here on out, a journey of legendary creatures, fairytales, monsters and a quest to save the world(s) begins.

Pierre Dubois did a great job in mingling a fairytale with a more adventurous fantasy tale, with a cast of seemingly ‘average Joe’s’. Overall, the main story will progress at a rather slow pace. Nonetheless, each of the five comic books in this bundled edition, will handle its own topic, with the bigger picture on the background, puzzling everything together.


The illustrations by Xavier Fourquemin are topnotch and go hand in hand with the story Pierre Dubois came up with. Every character is detailed and not a single background is boring or bland. The coloring was done just right, and overall it makes one big happy whole.


De Legende van het Wisselkind: Integrale Uitgave is a great collection of five comic books. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a clash of different worlds, albeit a clash that can only be fought by a single soul, that was destined to do so. A very unlikely hero will have to find allies in a world that seemingly grows darker by the minute, only to defend the world that hasn’t been that good to him. Nonetheless, he will learn more about himself and his mission along the way. Certainly a great book if you’re looking for a fantasy adventure.


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Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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De Legende van het Wisselkind: Integrale Uitgave - Comic Book Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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