De Moordenaar van Lucky Luke – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Matthieu Bonhomme
Illustrations: Matthieu Bonhomme
Coloring: Matthieu Bonhomme
Publisher: Lucky Comics

De Moordenaar van Lucky Luke – Comic Book Review

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It has already been 70 years since the famous lonesome cowboy saw the light. Lucky Luke might have originated from Belgium, he eventually became a known figure over the entire world. Of course, the comic books don’t appear as frequently anymore, and the overall hype has slowly ebbed away. That being said, the lone cowboy is still roaming around, helping people wherever he goes. Sadly, this next issue’s ominous title: ‘Lucky Luke’s Murderer’ might just predict the end of the most law-abiding citizen of the Wild West.

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The book starts off with Lucky Luke’s dead body being depicted and someone happily shouting that he has shot the not-so-living legend. We then immediately go back in time to see Lucky Luke finding himself stuck in Froggy Town after seeking shelter from the storm that has been raging on. Upon his arrival, and after stating his name, people react rather surprised and helpful. At dawn, and when the word has spread throughout the town, the townspeople ask for this righteous rebel’s help, as one of their carriages has been robbed by an Indian, and the sheriff is doing nothing about it. Lucky Luke already had a small argument with the sheriff, and his brother the evening before, and after having to hand in his weapon, they all of a sudden lost it after hearing he was asked to conduct his own investigation. It seems the ‘Bone’ brothers are not that happy to see the wandering emblem of justice in their territory. Nonetheless, they give him a crummy gun and send him on his way.

After his research, together with his new friend, Doc, he ends up on the estate of the Bone brothers’ father, who used to have a gold mine. With the gold stolen from the carriage things smell rather fishy and when you thinks about how the brothers try to oppose him every way possible, Lucky Luke has certain suspicions, even though everything is still possible.

The story moves at a rather rapid pace, albeit with enough text and side-banter to make the story a pleasant experience. The dire circumstances that the well-known hero finds himself in, especially with the cliffhanger at the beginning, makes this a very exciting issue, as you’re constantly wondering how Lucky Luke has ended up as decoration for the pavement. Matthieu Bonhomme diverges himself from the lighthearted albums of Lucky Luke, but still keeps his spirit alive. Perhaps this issue is a bit more adult than the older ones, but fans will surely feel right at home.

When it comes to the illustrations of this album, things are also a tad more adult than they were in the past. The illustrations have a more grim undertone during certain scenes, but again, Mathieu Bonhomme remains true to the original style. The coloring is rather bright, but without any big transitions between different colors. Nonetheless, everything is rather detailed, even though Lucky Luke looks a bit more distant than he usually is.


De Moordenaar van Lucky Luke immediately shows that even heroes are able to die, if they don’t tread carefully. You’ll be treated to a more adult Lucky Luke story, all while remaining true to the source material. This standalone issue feels like a blast from the past, updated with more modern coloring techniques and a slightly updated illustration style. If you’re fond of the cowboy that’s known to be faster than his own shadow, this album will prove to be a fun read.

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Rating: 7.7/10 (3 votes cast)
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De Moordenaar van Lucky Luke - Comic Book Review, 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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