De Rode Ridder #255 De Heks en Merlijn – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Marc Legendre
Illustrations: Fabio Bono
Coloring: Dimitri Fogolin
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

De Rode Ridder #255 De Heks en Merlijn – Comic Book Review

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It’s getting harder and harder to remember how the valiant red knight looked before the series received both a reboot and a complete makeover. Nonetheless, we have enjoyed the past five issues, and we can’t believe another few months have passed bringing us to issue 255. Last time Johan and Allis found themselves in a village doing a trial by fire, now they are surrounded by the harsh conditions of winter, on top of a snowy mountain. Malfrat is still chasing them, which means they have to cross the mountain post haste.

De Rode Ridder #255 De Heks en Merlijn Banner

In terms of story value, the flimsy albums don’t really offer that much progress, as there’s only such a limited space to work with. Nonetheless, this time our duo find themselves trying to cross a snowy mountain landscape, all while Johan is trying to teach Allis how to properly handle a sword. As expected, the journey doesn’t go without a hitch, as dangerous animals lurk around every corner, all while Malfrat is on their tail. Truth be told, we can’t really tell more without completely spoiling this issue, but action is omnipotent in this album, and there are a few snippets that show the overall underlying story is progressing a bit as well.

Illustration-wise not much has changed, safe for the landscape our heroes find themselves in. Overall things remain detailed, likeable, and fairly adult, with the occasional feminine beauty tossed in our faces. Nonetheless, the reboot still clings to the quality we received from the start, and we hope these great drawings will remain for the many future issues.


Overall De Rode Ridder remains a great series to enjoy, even though the issues are way too short to actually make the story progress at a pleasant pace. Nonetheless, action, a female beauty and a well seasoned knight are what make this series enjoyable, and with what the series has in store for us, we’re sure we can enjoy these issues for a long time to come.

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