De Schakelaar Integraal #1 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Crime, Erotic, Drama
Written by: Manara
Illustrations: Manara
Coloring: Manara
Publisher: Glénat

De Schakelaar Integraal #1 – Comic Book Review

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With a title such as the ‘Switch’, many will immediately look up wondering if we’ll talk about Nintendo’s new console, but we’re actually going to head towards a rather ‘adults only’ comic book. Manara’s first part of the collection is about ‘The Switch’ which was originally intended as a comical, yet erotic series, but simply ended up being a paradise for erotica lovers, who know no bounds when it comes to their own imagination. In this album, the switch will turn a woman from nearly frigid to a true nymphomaniac in a matter of seconds. Once again, this is no comic books series for our younger readers.

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The two issues in this bundle will both revolve around Claudia, who is naturally a very frigid woman, and conversations about sexuality immediately make her uncomfortable and she makes it feel as if her conversational partners are monsters. When her doctor also wants to head towards this topic multiple times, she treats the doctor as if he is the scum of the earth. Nonetheless, the doctor, who has a fairly big masochist side, hears about a secret device that, when planted in someone’s brain, can immediately turn the most cold person into a true sex-crazed freak. The only catch is that it works with a switch, a switch that can fall in anyone’s hands.

Overall the flow is pretty much the same in both albums, even though Claudia is a lot more ‘mature’ in the second issue in this collection. Nonetheless, twice she is under the control of the strange switch, and twice her life and dignity will be dragged through the mud but the series also makes it hard to properly know if this ‘dirty’ side is actually Claudia’s true personality or not. For a series that is filled with sex in rather absurd forms, Manara actually put a proper amount of thought to everything.

Praise should be given when it’s deserved and Manara did a superb job with the illustrations of the album. Everything in this refurbished album is picturesque and amazingly realistic, ranging from the facial features of characters, to the sceneries, the human interactions, the anatomy and the downright dirty stuff. The coloring may be a bit old school as well, since this is probably a subtle wink to the fact that the original story is already over thirty years old. Simply put, this album is a sight to behold.


Even though De Schakelaar – Integraal #1 is clearly glorified cartoon porn, it also shows a lot of imagination, amazing illustrations and still contains a somewhat interesting story to even please fans who like adult graphic novels, but want something more than just ‘dirty pictures’. If you’re looking to try something new, like adult stories, this one might actually be a worthy addition to your collection.

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Rating: 7.0/10 (2 votes cast)
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De Schakelaar Integraal #1 - Comic Book Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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