De Smurfen #34 De Smurfenheld
Follow Genre: Adventure
Written by: Alain Jost, Thierry Culliford
Illustrations: Jeroen De Coninck
Coloring: Nine Culliford
Publisher: Standaard Uitgeverij

De Smurfen #34 De Smurfenheld

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These days it’s hard to imagine a world without the Smurfs. They are everywhere: comic books, tv series, films, video games, you name it, they’ve been there, be it in a drawn version or a 3D one. Today it’s time to go back to their roots, with this brand new comic book De Smurfenheld’, contrived by Alain Jost and Peyo’s son Thierry Culliford.


One day Papa Smurf asks a few Smurfs to help clean up the attic of his laboratory. Keen to help, Brainy Smurf and his friends immediately come to the rescue. While cleaning the attic, Brainy Smurf finds a book, completely covered in dust. When he finds out that it is a story about a Smurf called Hero Smurf, he immediately shows it to Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf is really excited to have the book back, as he got it when he was very little. Because the other Smurfs are very keen on knowing the story of Hero Smurf, Papa Smurf reads it to them after dinner.

Adventure Smurf was a very brave Smurf. He went on a quest to find the legendary Dragon’s source because it was believed to have magical powers. After a difficult climb to the top of the Dragon’s Mountain, he finally found the source. Completely worn out by the hellish journey, he stepped into the water and bathed for a long time. When he came out, he felt no more pain or fatigue, but only the strength of a dragon inside of him. Upon his return, he became the protector of the village, being dubbed the Hero Smurf.

After this enticing story, Hero Smurf becomes the talk of the town. All Smurfs are excited and wonder whether this legend could be true, and they even want to make a play about him. Auditions take place, but Clumsy Smurf, Scaredy Smurf and Silly Smurf get insulted one time too many, and decide to go on a quest of their own, to find strength at the Dragon’s source.


The story has an original input, as it is based on a Smurf legend. The question whether this legend is actually true is one of the key elements of the album. Somehow you will find yourself wondering too, hoping for Clumsy and the others’ sake that it will be real, as their feelings were truly hurt, and they want to prove them wrong.

Although these days we might be used to the 3D Smurfs, it’s still nice to see them drawn in a simple, but fine way. Colors are quite blunt, and the backgrounds are often not that specified. A nice alteration in Jeroen De Coninck ‘s images is that, when the story of Hero Smurf is being told, the boxes aren’t really contoured but they rather fade out. Softer colors are used and the lines are thinner. Also the font type is different, more medieval, suiting the legend well.


The Smurfs remain to be amusing blue critters, and this time is no exception. The story might not be that happy, as some Smurfs feel left out, but all in all, they do care for each other and the way they handle things often makes you smile. The story might be a tad predictable, but other than that, it is still a nice one to read when you have some time to spare.

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De Smurfen #34 De Smurfenheld, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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