Dead Island Riptide – release event

The good people of Deep Silver invited us this past Wednesday the 17th of april to attend a release event of their newest title: Dead Island Riptide. The event was to be held at the wonderful location experience island, so naturally everyone had high expectations. Little did we know that what awaited us was truly to die for (and subsequently rise back from the dead).

entrance event

Upon arrival we were welcomed by two lovely undead ladies, for once we were loved for our brains instead of our looks (if that was even possible). Not far behind was John Morgan, Riptide’s newest addition to the living protagonists. Mr. Morgan was so kind enough to escort us to safety and further to our breathtaking (in the good sense) safe zone. After being offered some refreshments, we had the opportunity to play the game. Without spoiling too much I can honestly say that the game “kicks” ass. Just when I and my colleague were really getting into the game, John Morgan came bursting in asking for our attention. From that point on we received a debriefing over the planned activities. We were divided into groups and the first activity was driving some buggies through rough terrain. Powerful machines, that looked sturdy enough to take a hit from a tank and I was confident enough that the machine itself was good and safe enough to get us through what’s ahead. That was until our guide told us that the buggies were rejected for duties in Afghanistan because they had a penchant to topple over, suffice to say that I suddenly felt like I couldn’t even handle a go-kart. The problem was solved when my more than capable colleague (we will call him Mr.Y) said he would take upon him the driving duties. The terrain of experience island was to say the least: challenging, but also a lot of fun. After the buggies, we were allowed to ride some sweet 250cc (or in my language: very fast) quads on a nice terrain right next to the beautiful lake.

It was soooo pretty

Later that day, we got some info about the game by creative producer Anthony Cardahi. He showed us some in-game footage while explaining some improvements made to Riptide. Players can expect improved physics, zombies will receive damage by bouncing off walls. The arsenal of available ranged weapons has been expanded and improved. The setting is more colorful than the previous one, the weather is also playing a more vital role. Rainy weather tends to create flashfloods that hide floaters, so players have to be more careful while walking past a “dead” body. The game also literally kicks ass, players have now the option to use (as Mr. Cardahi has put it so adequately) the awesome kick of doom.
Once the presentation was finished we were invited to a more than generous buffet. It was also at this time that we noticed the number of zombies, roaming the premises, rising. Well fattened up, for the zombies to easily outrun us, we were invited to participate what was to be the last of activities that day: zip-lining. The funny thing about zip-lining (at least in my case) is that the closer you get to the top the more worst-case scenarios pop up in your head. It feels wonderful though to just sail through the sky above a crystal clear lake, just for a moment I forgot all the zombies around us.

At the end of the night, everyone was relaxed and we all were pretty satisfied about quite everything really. The zombies even came and danced around a little bit for us to some fitting tunes like Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Everything seemed perfect, humans and zombies living together in peace (and might I add some of the undead ladies were not bad at all). Unfortunately the truce was cut short when John Morgan came rushing into the safe zone declaring an emergency. Behind him enraged zombies ready to tear the flesh from our bones. We tried to find refuge on the terrace, but the zombies soon broke down the barriers and it was GAME OVER.

We got back on the bus after and brought you back the following pictures, enjoy!

For more information visit the official site.

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