DEAD OR ALIVE 6 – Three fighters announced!

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 – Three fighters announced!

Three fighters have been announced to return to DEAD OR ALIVE 6!

Bass is a seasoned professional wrestler who is also known as “The King of the Ring”. He is also the father of Tina who is known as “The Superstar of a Thousand Dreams”. Bass is training Tina to become the top wrestler in the world and even though Tina has some similar moves to Bass, she also has her own set of moves. Mila who views Bass as her long-time rival is also joining. She hopes that she will finally be able to fulfill her quest to win from Bass.

Bass and Tina have started a new Professional wrestling organization called “The Muscle”. This is also the name of the new wrestling stage which is connected to the organization. The arena stage will be electrifying, literally, as the ring ropes surge with electrical current. The steel pillars surrounding the squared-circle spit fire at fighters. Who will beat every opponent and win the championship? Find out soon!

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 will be available the 15th of February 2019 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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