Dead Purge: Outbreak – Review
Follow Genre: FPS
Developer: Microlith Games
Publisher: Microlith Games
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Dead Purge: Outbreak – Review

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Zombie games are released by the dozen every year, be it very simplistic indie titles, semi-professional shooters or triple A titles that are out to conquer the World. Nonetheless, zombies often make for a great replacement of an actual villain in games, and most games get away with this very simplistic backdrop and create a rather enjoyable gaming experience, be it in an action setting, a survival atmosphere or in a shooter surrounding, all having their own merits. Dead Purge: Outbreak aims for a simplistic shooter with only two game modes, a handful of enemies and a very simple control scheme. While the game certainly had its plus sides, we found it somewhat lacking.

Dead Purge Outbreak


There is no story to be found in Dead Purge: Outbreak, you’ll have to make do with two game modes, one where you’ll have to defeat enemies in waves, where the game stops after you hit a specific amount of waves, and the other being a survival mode, where you’ll have to survive as long as possible. This is pretty much the typical zombie premise, which means that in a certain way this backdrop is more than enough story value. That being said, it would have been nice to have a bit of story value, or several different characters with a certain background, which would get you a bit more  into the game, or allows you to connect with what was going on.


Graphically Dead Purge: Outbreak is a rather impressive title, especially considering it’s a small studio behind the production. You’ll be treated to very good looking environments, appealing zombies, neatly designed weaponry and a sufficient amount of blood, gore and guts when shooting the zombie forces to a bloody pulp. If you have a decent gaming PC, you’ll certainly enjoy how the game looks, ranging from the suburban settings, to the indoor police station, or the rainy back alleys.

Dead Purge Outbreak 1

While the game looks spick and span, it’s also very limited as you’ll only encounter a handful of different zombie models, not that many weapons, and the different areas in which you fight are extremely tiny, which means you’ll grow sick of your environments rather quickly, making the game quite dull, even with its graphical prowess.


The menu has a rather interesting soundtrack, which gets you pumped up to start playing, while the actual matches have more tranquil background music, which feels a bit dull at times, given the game aims at rather short matches of either killing waves of zombies, or staying alive as long as possible. Nonetheless, the backdrop is decent, with equally ok sound effects, making this department not overly great, but not disappointing either.


Dead Purge: Outbreak is a very simplistic first-person shooter, in which you have to blow zombies to kingdom come. As the game only has two modes, you’ll have seen the meat of the game in only a matter of minutes.

Dead Purge Outbreak 2

The Horde mode has you fighting off a specific amount of waves of zombies before the match ends. You’ll be able to restock on supplies in-between waves, or buy some new weapons in the process, and that’s pretty much about it. The Survive mode is pretty much more of the same, with waves coming after one another at a more rapid pace, until you kick the bucket. You’ll have to restock on supplies, and weapons with what the zombies drop after you make sure they are dead, and stay dead.

Playing matches will allow you to gain experience and collect points. Leveling up will allow you to unlock new upgrades, which each will cost a specific amount of points. The upgrades create a certain incentive for you to keep playing until you’ve unlocked everything. Sadly most upgrades don’t dramatically change the game, as they only add small damage upgrades such as a 10% increase per specific weapon, add a bit of health, an extra starting clip and so on. It’s great that the upgrade system is there, as otherwise you would have no reason at all to play after you’ve completed every level once.

Dead Purge Outbreak 3

As stated above, there’s nothing really wrong with the game, safe for the lack of variety, the tiny levels and the overall simplistic scheme of it all, but if the game already offers only a tiny bit of content, you’d want it to work properly. After several crashes we can agree that the game isn’t up-to-date and that’s not the only issue. More than once we saw our bullets connect with a zombie, but for some reason they did not take any damage. If you take into consideration that the latter happens once every few shots, it gets a bit frustrating after a while, especially when you allow a zombie to come close, aim for that perfect headshot, and only see it wasted because the game does not detect the hit.


Dead Purge: Outbreak is a great base for a game that could have been, or could be so much more. While the basics are pretty good, and the overall concept isn’t bad, the price is way too steep for a game that has only two modes, a handful of tiny maps, and the same five zombies trying to eat your brains. If the developers decide to add content, spice things up, create somewhat of a background story and tackle the bugs that are still present, this game could be great, especially with its very attractive visuals. As it currently stands, this game is fun to play in-between other titles for a few minutes at a time, but even then there are loads of better alternatives at a lower price.

Dead Purge Outbreak 4

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Dead Purge: Outbreak - Review, 4.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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