Deadlings: Rotten Edition – Review
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Platforms: PC, Switch
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Deadlings: Rotten Edition – Review

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Zombies are mostly pictured as disgusting abominations that you need to avoid at all costs. Dozens of survival/horror games exist where you need to stay safe from these creatures. But what if these zombies would be the leading star in a game and they’re the ones that are being used? Dive into Deadlings: Rotten Edition to find out this unusual story.


If people get lonely, they try to make friends or find a hobby. But what if Death would be bored and alone? When he has no one on his FaceTome, which means he has no one to hang with, he decides to take the matter in own hands and starts a project. A factory suddenly gets a new purpose as Death starts to build his laboratory there, which is the start of the training of hordes of zombie minions. “Project Deadlings” is Death’s play garden where the different minions just have to use their specific abilities to get as far as possible.

As far as the story goes, there isn’t much more to it and it’s not really needed either. The Deadlings have a purpose, a reason for being in that labyrinth, and even though it’s rather sadistic, it gives the game all the info it requires.


The Rotten Edition has a few perks, and one having HD graphics. Even on the Switch, the several levels look vibrant and alive. Brains look glossily yummy while the blood-splattered chainsaws are screaming for more blood. Of course, a lot of the same elements repeat at every level but it doesn’t bore nor feels like a copy-paste thanks to the subtle changes here and there.

Your team of Deadlings all have their own characteristics, both ability-wise as visually. For example, Stencher is able to use his gastric problems to good use and fly by releasing the gas. This also means his sprite is just a puffy ball. Combining the backdrops with the different characters, it makes everything click just right.


Thinking about Death, sad or dramatic tunes might come to mind but less is true for Deadlings: Rotten Edition. Even more, the catchy tune is made of fart-like plopping noises and has quite a beat so you’ll be bopping to these fartilicious sounds in the main menu. The several levels have a more eerie catch and a generic feel to them, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s rather subtle in the background as the sound effects take over here. Everything is guided by a effect and it brings a certain ambiance and ridicule to the game. For example, the bumping sounds Stencher makes when he bounces into a wall or the Link-inspired HYAH whenever Bonesack takes a jump makes it endearing rather than gross.


Deadlings: Rotten Edition is a puzzle platformer where you need to get your zombie minions to the exit of the level by dodging several of the deadly traps and contraptions. At the start of a level, you have the opportunity to look around and deduct a strategy. You only have a select amount of Deadlings at your disposal so think wise and be careful when deciding. Each of the characters has their own particular skillset, so make use of that. For example, if you need to flip some switches which are on the ceiling, surrounded by spikes, chances are that Stencher needs to fix that problem. 

Movement is rather straightforward too. You can decide a side where you want to move to and you can only move in that direction. The only thing you actually have control over is the actions of the Deadlings. Mostly used on the Switch is the A button to jump, switch, float or stop. Doing it at the wrong moment will lead to certain death, especially during Nightmare mode.

Each level has three stars to grab, one is granted by clearing the level, the second one by grabbing all the delicious brains and the third by finishing within a certain time. For the Switch, this doesn’t have many consequences but this is something for the PC version. This Rotten edition comes with a few perks, like 10 new bonus levels and 15 new ones for Nightmare mode. Even more, the latter is now unlocked from the beginning of the game, so even after the first level, you can already try the harder version. The PC version has some more extras like achievements and leaderboards, for example. 


If you’re looking for a fun game where you have to use your brain (before it gets eaten by your horde of zombies) and your skills, be sure to check this game. Being available on several devices, the Switch version certainly is a fun addition to Nintendo’s console. The graphics are cute and colorful in a twisted way, while the sound effects will help to increase that more fun aspect of the game. Gameplay-wise Deadlings: Rotten Edition works like a charm and although it’s rather easy, it’ll make you curse whenever your zombie minion splatters to death yet again.

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Deadlings: Rotten Edition - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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