Deadpool (PS4) – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Beat 'em up
Developer: High Moon Studios
Publisher: Activison
Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC
Tested on: PS4

Deadpool (PS4) – Review

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Good: Great projection of Deadpool's irks and quirks, good narrative and narration, showcases other Marvel characters
Bad: Lack of creative gameplay and combat mechanics, re-release of an "old" game, mediocre visuals and sound design
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Marvel’s most arrogant and overconfident antihero Deadpool has gotten his own video game a few years ago for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The same action comedy beat ’em up video game has now been re-released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after the summer re-release of the PC version, albeit with the DLC already imbedded. Unfortunately the game certainly doesn’t pull out the big guns for current-gen consoles nor does it feature any new and creative gameplay mechanics.



Fans of the Marvel universe and its characters will know about the antihero that is Deadpool and its origin. If you are not a fan, you’ll most likely find the narrative in the video game somewhat lacking as it does not provide the backbone needed for players new to the storyline of the Marvel comic books. You will be able to find additional information about all the characters found in the game via character sheets but the actual origin story is nowhere to be seen in the actual narrative.

Nonetheless, the storyline in Deadpool can certainly be enjoyed by any type of player although the game is rated mature due to the offensive nature of Deadpool himself. However it will be hard for novices to fully enjoy the character and his eccentricities as the storyline showcases Deadpool’s psychotic tendencies. This is featured right from the start where Deadpool often interacts with the player and the game reveals that Deadpool has threatened the developers, forcing them to create a game of himself.

Not liking the finished game script, Deadpool makes some drastic changes but starts the mission of assassinating the corrupt media mogul Chance White nonetheless. While ultimately succeeding in his quest, he also fails at the same time when Vertigo and Arclight save White, forcing Deadpool to go after them. In his chase, he finds out that Vertigo and Arclight were working under Mr. Sinister who killed off Deadpool’s initial target. Fueled by anger of losing out on his pay check, he goes after Sinister but finds out there’s more to the story than meets the eye.


The visual aspect of the game is not mind blowing but it’s certainly not a complete disaster either. It’s simply mediocre and it makes it clear that the storyline is truly the game’s strong suit. Major locations you’ll visit in the game are a television studio office building, the sewers and eventually the island of Genosha but the atmosphere in each zone feels the same and does not provide a decent change of scenery. The developers tried to break the monotony of the scenes by adding some “fun” sections such as an 2D top-view 8Bit part but these breaks didn’t last enough to fully enjoy the change. Cutscenes were featured often and at the near best possible times in the form of comic book art or simple in game graphics.


Much like the visuals, the sound design leaves a lot to be desired. The voice-acting of Nolan North is great but the limited amount of wisecracking puns is discouraging after a short while, even when you’re beating up Wolverine. The rest of the sound design, while certainly present, is also lacking spice. Deadpool’s fine weaponry each have their own sound but none of them are truly epic and the ambiance sound is often drowned out by the firepower of the enemies.


The gameplay is quite lacking and not really innovate as a beat ’em up game, even though you are playing as a character with rather special abilities. Moving around the levels can cause frustration as not only the animations but the actual movements feel clunky and often stutter when you near certain areas or corners. Seeing as most rooms are fairly small, this will happen on a regular base and you’ll find yourself stuck more often than not. Deadpool does have a rather awesome teleport ability which regenerates after a few uses but even this ability is not helpful to “free” yourself in icky situations. Aside from the teleport ability, Deadpool’s health pool also regenerates if you plan it right. However, if you are to make use of that, you’ll find yourself fleeing from the mobs instead of diving right into the action which makes the common ability rather unpolished. Not to mention that it completely misses the point of being a beat ’em up game featuring the blood lusty Deadpool.

Throughout the game you’ll find coins and other helpful tools such as extra ammo for all kinds of weapons. The latter one is needed if you are a long-range fighter but close-range combat is more fun and practical, although swords do far less damage than bullets strangely enough. The coins are needed to buy upgrades for Deadpool’s arsenal, such as bigger ammo clips and bleed effects, as well as new special combo’s. Deadpool himself can be “upgraded” as well with a bigger health pool amongst other things. At first glance the upgrading system seems small but each option has several more upgrades that will unlock as you progress, making it a large yet non-complex upgrade “tree”. You’ll find yourself fully upgraded far too fast as coins are literally scattered everywhere, making the game feel like a stroll in the park.

Here and there you’ll be met with “boss fights”, although none of them actually feel like bosses since the mechanics are never innovate enough to be a strategic puzzle. The fact that you can upgrade at a fast rate does not help much with the lack of great combat mechanics.

As mentioned earlier, progression in the game is rather easy and straight forward. Combined with the inability to explore the areas results into a rather short game. The game does offer a somewhat standard form of replayability with its ten challenge missions which can be replayed over and over until you find yourself high on the leaderboards. Other than that, the game comes with plenty of references and characters from the Marvel universe such as Rogue, Psylocke, Wolverine, Arclight, Cable, Mr. Sinister and some others.


Deadpool is certainly one of Marvel’s most unique characters and the developers at High Moon Studios have done an amazing job at projecting the irks and quirks of the fan favorite antihero. However that’s where the excellence of the game ends as the gameplay mechanics are uncreative and lack strategic combat mechanics to defeat the bosses. The entire game is a stroll in the park and the same atmosphere in each zone becomes dull after a short while, making the replayability in the form of challenges a real grind.

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