Deathbound debuts both a demo and a new trailer!

Deathbound debuts both a demo and a new trailer!

Deathbound, a single-player, party-based soulslike game from Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio is set to arrive soon. You can already discover the horrors of Akratya with the new overview trailer, viewable below, and a demo, which is now available on Steam and at the Samsung booth during Summer Game Fest’s Play Days. In Deathbound, players navigate an unforgiving world using a 4-hero soulslike party system. Bind with fallen warriors and switch between characters during combat. Unite them to execute powerful Morphstrikes and shift battle outcomes. Absorb the essence of seven fallen warriors to gain new fighting styles and insights into their pasts. Characters include spellcasters, maulers, swordsmen, and a capoeira fighter, offering diverse combat options. Science and faith conflict, influencing combat effects. Synergize your party to face formidable foes.

Key Features:

  • Essence and Party System: Gain skills and identities of fallen warriors, forming a dynamic party with varied combat styles.
  • Dynamic Morphing: Unleash powerful Morphstrikes by combining warrior abilities.
  • Brutal World: Explore Ziêminal, a world blending technology and medieval elements, rich in lore and danger.
  • Challenging Enemies: Face enemies based on the five stages of grief, each encounter testing your limits.

Deathbound launches on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S later this year.

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