Deathgarden: Bloodharvest – Review
Follow Genre: Multiplayer, Survival, Action
Developer: Behaviour Interactive
Publisher: Behaviour Interactive
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Deathgarden: Bloodharvest – Review

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Good: The game plays really well as both the Hunter and the Scavenger
Bad: Sometimes, it can take a while beofre a match can be started
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From the creators of Dead by Daylight, a new multiplayer game has risen. Primarily released on Steam in August 2018 as Deathgarden, it has now been relaunched as Deathgarden: Bloodharvest. The game takes place in a distant future in which the world is divided between the Enclave where few are deemed worthy to have a safe life and the rest is damned for an almost certain death in the slums. The only way to receive the right for a better life in the Enclave is to put your own life on the line in the Deathgarden against the ruthless hunter. In a battle for survival, five people who enter the arena as Scavengers need to collect blood while being hunted by a single Hunter that has been let loose into the arena.


Society had reached its peak. The superpowers of the world collided without restraint, leaving nothing but ruins behind. The victors built the Enclaves, vast fortified cities with unlimited resources, condemning the rest to live in the slums that have been left behind by the war. Yet, all the blood spilled in the war was not enough to quench the thirst of those in power, so they created the Bloodharvest, a vicious and deadly trial that determined who was worthy of a better life. The only way to leave the slums and earn a place in the Enclaves was to join the Bloodharvest, a trial that very few survive. Only those that enter the Deathgarden and make their way out have the right to enter the Enclaves. But a deadly hunter awaits those in search for a better life and doesn’t hesitate to shoot you. There’s not more than this lore to the story of the game. There’s no story progression whatsoever as it’s basically just a multiplayer arena survival game.


Graphically this game looks great. When you are going to join the game, you’ll be transported to a lobby where you can customize your loadout. This area is very detailed and there is a large window that looks out on the beautiful sight of the Enclave as a Hunter, or the gloomy slums you live in as a Scavenger. After the countdown is complete, you’ll be transported to the arena. This arena is a dark place but looks great at the same time. All the interactable objects are very detailed and it all looks very good. You can customize your character with some awesome outfits that can be unlocked after earning in-game currency.


Immediately as you start the game, you will be overwhelmed by loud music consisting of what sounds like war horns, combined with music that sounds like war. In the lobby, you’ll hear some drums in the background while an automated computer voice will tell you some basic information about what to do there and in the Bloodharvest. While in-game, the ominous backdrop continues to play while you can still focus on all sounds in-game. When you get spotted as a Scavenger, you’ll hear a loud ominous sound, alerting you that you have been spotted and you need to get away as fast as possible.


Deathgarden: Bloodharvest is a multiplayer survival action game in which a ruthless Hunter is tasked to hunt the desperate individuals that are trying to survive the Deathgarden for a chance at a better life in the Enclave. You can play this game in two ways, namely as the Hunter and the Scavenger. The Hunter’s task is to track and kill the Scavengers in the arena before they can escape and well, the Scavengers need to escape before they get killed. Each side will have different characters with their own unique skills and perks. Each game consists out of one Hunter against five Scavengers. The overall gameplay of the game is excellent and everything reacts just like how it needs to Running, shooting and everything just plays great and there’s no real bad point to this part of the game.

The Hunter is played in a first-person perspective. As the hunter, you are invincible, equipped with powerful abilities, perks and you packsan arsenal of weaponry. You have an ability that will increase your speed and jump height which can be toggled on and off. When this ability is activated, the Hunter can literally jump around all over the map. The resource for this ability will replenish over time. You also have a few ways in-game to detect the Scavengers. It’s possible to hack every health and ammo container on the field by shooting it. When a Scavenger interacts with a hacked object, he will be detected and his location will be visible for the Hunter for a while. Small drones can be found lying on the ground that need to be activated with power cores that can be found in blue crates on the ground. This drone will spot Scavengers when they get close when active.

The Scavengers are played in third-person and have little to nothing to defend themselves. They are fast, hard to spot and capable of climbing on every terrain. Equipped with a small bow and arrow and one ability, they need to escape the arena alive. The bow can be used to destroy the constructs the Hunter has activated to spot the Scavengers. Blood can be extracted from piles of bodies scattered throughout the arena. Once you’ve filled your tank, you must deliver the blood to one of the three blood banks on the map. Banking blood will make your position visible to the Hunter, so you need to be on your guard as the Hunter can appear at any time. As a Scavenger you’ll need to stay on the move because when you stay on one spot for too long, your location will be revealed to the Hunter.

Both classes will have access to a range of skills and perks that can be unlocked and upgraded after spending more time into the game. These classes also have multiple characters you can choose from. The first will already be unlocked while the others need to be unlocked by spending in-game currencies. These currencies are all obtained by playing the game, so no micro-transactions are needed. These currencies all have their own uses, one is used for upgrading abilities, while the other can be used for unlocking new characters and more. You can level up your own rank, but playing with each character will also level up each individual character.

The Hunter has a certain amount of time to kill the Scavengers. When that time’s up, exits will open and the Scavengers can start their escape. When this occurs, Blood Mode will be activated, revealing all the Scavenger’s positions to the Hunter. The Scavengers have the objective to wait out the timer for their escape, or they can collect blood. When enough blood has been banked, the exits will open and the Scavengers need to run for the exits. The Hunter can also trigger this end game by killing all Scavengers but one, making the last one visible to the Hunter while the exits are open. When all Scavengers have been killed, the Hunter wins, otherwise, the Scavengers will.


Deathgarden: Bloodharvest is a cool multiplayer game that has excellent gameplay with a good customization of your perks and skills while wielding one of the two classes. The thrill of the hunt really gets to you while playing in both classes. Trying to escape a Hunter that’s on your trail really gets the adrenaline pumping while trying to take all the Scavengers down before the time runs out does too. If you like survival games in a multiplayer environment, then this game is a great buy as it will entertain you for many hours while playing both classes.

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Deathgarden: Bloodharvest - Review, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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