Deathloop Soundtrack Now Available!


The original DEATHLOOP soundtrack is now available on streaming platforms around the world. Featuring 59 songs by composers Tom Salta, Erich Talaba, Ross Tregenza, and the team at Arkane Lyon, DEATHLOOP’s OST blends different musical styles, such as psychedelic rock, country, and blues, to define Blackreef Island’s signature ’60s sound.

The soundtrack release also features three original songs from Sencit – Déjà Vu feat. FJØRA, Pitch Black feat. Lady Blackbird and Down the Rabbit Hole feat Samantha Howard and Haqq.

You can find the soundtrack on Spotify and iTunes.

DEATHLOOP received over 60 perfect scores and has been nominated for nine awards at this year’s Game Awards, including:

  • Game of the year
  • Best game direction
  • Best story
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best score and music
  • Best audio design
  • Best action
  • Best Performance for Jason E Kelley
  • Best performance for Ozioma Akagha

DEATHLOOP is now available on PlayStation 5 and PC. For those interested in the game itself, then be sure to check out our awesome review here.

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