December update released for Rogue Spirit

December update released for Rogue Spirit

Today, Kids with Sticks and 505 Games have announced the release of the new update for their game Rogue Spirit. With this update, the new ‘Reaver’ player character has been added, but that’s not all, as the game also receives a new Forest biome, a new boss and more.

As the deadly Reaver, you can hook enemies with the sickle and chain hybrid, causing constant damage while also fending off other attackers. You can perfect your skills in the new Forest Biome which is a former place of worship for pilgrims from all over the Kingdom of Midra. In here, you’ll find the new Aspect of Decay boss, a lantern-wielding firestarter. Two new skills have also been added allowing you to play with fire with the new Fire Tornado and the new Blink ability which allows you to teleport. A new Dash Kick encounter allows you to fight against many enemies in a fight where you can only win by killing all enemies with the dash move. The new familiar Amara lets you cheat death with its resurrection powers that grant you an extra life.

A full list of changes can be found in the patch notes for the December update. Check out the Rogue Spirit Roadmap below this post to see what the developers have in store for you next year. Rogue Spirit is now available on Steam Early Access and will launch fully in 2022.

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