Deception IV’s re-release showers early birds with pre-order bonus DLC

Deception IV’s re-release showers early birds with pre-order bonus DLC

KOEI TECMO’s Deception series doesn’t exactly make it easy for newcomers to understand its chronology. Its newest adventure, which came out in March 2014, originally carried the name Deception IV: Blood Ties. This was last year, however, and since then Japan has seen an expanded re-release with a changed title.

On 17 July this year, the game is coming to the PlayStation 4 under the name Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess. Whereas Blood Ties focused solely on Laegrinna, an evil witch who wanted to free her father, the Devil himself. In an effort to make this new release worthwhile, The Nightmare Princess also introduces Velguirie, another infernal character who is tasked with solving no less than one hundred quests to discover her true self. Laegrinna used skills such as Sadistic Torment, Elaborate Death and Humiliating Demise to overcome her foes, but Velguirie is arguably even more vicious as she uses complex trap systems to lure her victims to the worst deaths imaginable.

While these diabolic characters shower their enemies with pain, despair and eventually death, players will need to choose carefully if they want to get their hands on their favourite traps. Those who choose to pre-order through GAME will get the Grill trap, which is a firewalking pit that forces enemies to tip-toe over the burning coals. Centresoft is offering the Kick-Off trap, which kicks high speed footballs into your victims. Lastly, PlayStation Network and reward your pre-order with the capability to launch your foes into the air on a jet of water, using the Golden Toilet.

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