Decision: Red Daze New Gameplay Trailer Reveal!


Nordcurrent and FlyAnvil have just released a newly baked gameplay trailer for the apocalyptic action RPG Decision: Red Daze. With its unique mix of survival and tower defense mechanics, the game is set to be released in the first quarter of 2022 via Steam on PC. In the meantime, players itching for information can check out the gameplay video which showcases the core gameplay elements and also the complementary features like squad management and tower defense.

Decision: Red Daze is set in a post-apocalyptic future called the Dust Bowl, where mankind is facing a plague. With its isometric Action RPG style, the game is a well-blended combination of survival and tower defense in one. Recruit, build, and defend with the hopes of finding a cure as endless hordes of wretched mutants and zombies will be walking in from every direction to disrupt your safe-havens.


Key Features:

  • Experience a unique blend of action roleplay, survival, and tower defense mechanics that will keep you at the edge of your seat.
  • Explore a huge map in search of new allies and valuable resources: anyone you find out there is a potential hero!
  • Adapt to a day and night cycle system that changes the gameplay experience.
  • Clear out and capture new potential settlements and upgrade them to grow your community of survivors.
  • Build defenses in your settlements to keep them safe from the endless waves of enemies.
  • Find potential heroes with their own specialized classes and talents to recruit, so they can join you every time you go outside to explore.
  • Try a wide selection of brutal weapons to mow down your enemies.
  • Trade with vendors to find equipment and supplies to better equip your squad and settlements.
  • Push back the red daze by upgrading your repellers and defeating the alphas that send out raiding parties against your settlements.

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