Deck13 Spotlight & Argonwood Join Forces On Turn-Based Strategy Game Rising Lords!


Developer Deck13 Spotlight and publisher Argonwood are happy to announce that they will be working on a new turn-based strategy game called Rising Lords. As of right now, the title is available on Steam Early Access for an already sizable audience. Send your serfs into battle to die in your name or reward them with prosperity and use them to your advantage! Collect taxes and resources. Dictate rations and fieldwork. Forge weapons, raise armies, build mighty fortified cities and reshape the battlefield.

Rising Lords is a medieval turn-based strategy game with card and board game elements. In addition to its campaign mode, Rising Lords features robust multiplayer.
Play a quick game, or settle in for an evening or more.

Key Features:

  • Find the perfect balance – juggle production, resource gathering, diplomacy and treason, tax and rations – all vital in the success of your provinces
  • Deep tactics – Use counters to troop types, morale, terrain, and cards to get the upper hand even against seemingly impossible odds
  • Strategic battles – besiege your enemy’s cities to starve them out, go all-out attack, or wait for them to come to you
  • Up to 4-player simultaneous multiplayer – no need to wait for each individual player to take their turn
  • The psychology of war – Play mind games by spreading false information and use figures to pester your opponents
  • Customization – Tailor your leader’s look and skills, and craft your perfect cities and troops
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