Defend Felinearth – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: Sixth Line Studios
Publisher: Sixth Line Studios
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Defend Felinearth – Review

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Defend Felinearth would be a purrfect title for a open world litterbox game. But alas it isn’t as it’s a bullet hell shoot-em-up. The developers take pride in the fact that the game has something for everyone, even for furries, as you’ll be able to play as an antropomorphic cat creature. Not certain if the developers are trying to be politically correct or just didn’t know what to put on the Steam Store page. It doesn’t really matter as you get to fly through space and shoot alien spaceships.



In an alternate universe, humanoid cats are the protectors of the milky way and beyond. They want their universe like they want their litter box, clean. So they fly around and take down any oposing forces. Other than that, you won’t get more information or lore. You’ll have to invent the motives of the pilots. So it’s a bit lacking in the story division, then again, a meager decent plot beats a convoluted bulky weird plot any day.



When it comes to graphics, Defend Felinearth has some nice aesthetics. The game is really processor friendly as it doesn’t have 3D rendered high definition graphics. The opening levels are quite overseeable, but as you complete levels or if you up the difficulty, the enemy attacks will soon flood the screen. So if you are new to bullet hell games, then it might become a little too much for you to focus on. Every character has his or her own spaceship and every ship has a different kind of attack, making every spaceship and character have a different visual appeal.



Defend Felinearth is pretty decent when it comes to the music score. The soundtrack hits the right notes between upbeat and lowkey, keeping your adrenaline levels just in check, even when things become really hectic and calamituous. Every time you start a level, your characters says a one-liner in Japanese and that’s pretty much all you’ll get from them. One thing that is annoying are the gun noises. Not that they are bad, but when you constantly hear the same noise over and over again, it becomes really tedious. The first couple of levels this probably won’t annoy you, but as you play for longer stretches, the sound will start to grate into your eardrums. Especially when the guns shoots really fast, making the sound drone on.



Defend Felinearth is a bullet hell, shoot-em-up. When you start the game, the developers give you a small tutorial. The reason for the small tutorial is the fact that the controls are really easy. W,A,S,D control your ship. R toggles the autofire, spacebar is used for a boost. This boost makes you invincible as you shoot forward, and damages enemies in your path. You can left click for shooting or press R making your ship, freeing up your mousehand somewhat, as right clicking is reserved for a secondary attack. Aiming is done with the mouse, so you can’t take your hand off the mouse comepletely. Also, you have unlimited ammo, but you have to pay attention to a meter, every shot depletes it, when it’s empty it refills, but this takes a second. So you better pay attention to it, lest you be caught with your pants around your ankles.


If that were the only thing going for Defend Felinearth, then this game would be fine for its price, however, the developers have put in some more content. As you fight enemies, some of them will drop power ups, new skills and new characters, granting you a feeling of progress. It makes it really fun to find a new character after completing a stage or dying and getting new skills to deck your character with or a new character with different attacks. No character is the same and this makes it so that when you finally unlock the character that fits your playstyle, the game will click. So there is really rather a lot going for the game.


Every level has 3 difficulty settings, easy, medium and hard. Extreme is unlocked when you complete the hard levels. The difficulty levels don’t mess about. They really make you work for that extreme unlock.


Defend Felinearth is cheap, don’t mistake it for being bad however, as the content/price ratio is just perfect. The game isn’t quite easy, even on the easy setting, but with some determination and willpower, you’ll be able to conquer even the extreme levels. If you’re into bullet hell kind of games and fuzzy animals, this one will cover your needs on both fronts.

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Rating: 6.0/10 (4 votes cast)
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Defend Felinearth - Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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  1. WendyLin
    July 17, 2016, 04:35

    This is a really nice game~ So very worth it for the price:)

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