Defend the Highlands leaves Early Access

Defend the Highlands leaves Early Access

Och aye, that’s right laddie! Kilted Camel and Kiss Ltd. have announced that Defend the Highlands is set to leave Early Access today (Friday the 6th November). Since the release into Early Access a few months ago now, Kilted Camel has received and incorporated lots of feedback from the gaming community, and the result? An even better game, of course!

Key enhancements made since July 2015 include:

  • New features, including a mini-map and tutorial
  • Audio/visual enhancements– with an actual Scotsman doing the Scottish voices!
  • UI improvements, such as extra and more descriptive tool-tips
  • Gameplay/balancing changes– including improved enemy AI and reduced cost of whiskey at the bar (huzzah!)
  • Bug fixes

Defend the Highlands is available on Steam for $9.99 for the US, €8,99 for the EU and £7.99 for the UK. If you want to find out what the game was like before the changes, head to:

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