Delete After Reading developers update

Delete After Reading developers update

Earlier this year we posted the first teaser of the upcoming puzzle game Delete After Reading. Today after a successful Steam Next Fest, we get an update regarding the game design and mechanics from developers Patrones & Escondites. In their latest Dev Diary, you can read up on how they wanted a game that you can read and a book that you can play, in a more accessible title with a shorter story and simpler puzzles. The game will come in a five-chapter adventure that will be released on Steam and mobile platforms later this year.

Key features include:

  • A puzzle text-based narrative adventure. Find clues hidden in the text to solve some clever puzzles and move forward along five chapters of an adventure fun story
  • Experience an engaging storytelling experience that blends escape room mechanics, puzzles, audio and narrative in a way that will make you feel like a character inside the story
  • Enjoy eye-candy visuals with adorable and roguish cartoons and crazy and weird devices. A stylish, modern layout that invites you to read while feeding your imagination
  • Let your ears feast with real voices, effects from another galaxy, and disco music. All together in the same cocktail. Better than piña colada

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