Demagog Studio have announced their latest game

Demagog Studio have announced their latest game

Indie developers Demagog Studio and publisher Untold Tales have released an announcement trailer for their upcoming project, The Cub, which will be coming to PC, PlayStation, Switch and Xbox on an undisclosed date. Taking place in the same world as the developer’s previous title, Golf Club: Wasteland, The Cub takes a completely different angle in its approach towards gameplay and story.

Inspired by classic SEGA games of the 90s and including modern twists and ideas, The Cub will see players platforming through the remains of humanity and a world of urban ruin. Throughout the game, they’ll also encounter environmental puzzles that’ll keep them guessing while attempting to stay one step ahead of the humans pursuing them in a twisted safari hunt.

“The game is set in the same world as Golf Club: Wasteland, but this isn’t a copy-paste sequel. We’re going back to the world we created using it to tell new stories from the perspective of a survivor on Earth. We’ve also written it in such a way that the story in The Cub intersects with the one in Golf Club: Wasteland and then continues on for those who wanted to know the fate of the golfer and the child”, says Igor Simic, Creative Director of Demagog Studio


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