Democracy 3 Extremism DLC – Review
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Developed: Positech Games
Published: Positech Games
Platform: PC

Democracy 3 Extremism DLC – Review

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The latest elections in Europe showed how people are more and more convinced of the radical ideas behind the extremists’ parties. While the results showed a significant increase in voters for the right-wing parties, there are still of course other kinds like religious or national extremists. Democracy smartly plays into that trend with its latest DLC.


Before reading this review, you should check out our review of the base game first, which is required to play this DLC. What you get is a bunch of new policies, situations and problems linked to extremism. The first things that struck out were the new religious policies. You’ll be able to do things like ban same-sex marriage. Those decisions will of course have a heavy impact, potentially damaging foreign relations and drastically lowering the liberal’s sympathy. National extremism is also a way to go, you can opt to make the national anthem be played before every television broadcast or make every citizen swear a military oath. The extreme side of politics adds more depth to the overall gameplay of Democracy, which was already quite deep.

Every decision will have you wondering if it won’t lead to more members joining the extremists’ parties. Maybe big problems will lead to make very drastic decisions? If you’re not careful, there’s even a chance terrorists will bring a gun right to your head, ending your political career abruptly. Just because that possibility is there, you’ll stay on your toes, which adds that little bit of excitement to a game that might sometimes lack that.



If you didn’t like Democracy before, you probably won’t like it now. It does however give a reason for Democracy-players to return to the game once more and try out the new policies and deal with the new problems. If you weren’t quite sure, you should definitely consider getting the game because it’s just something different.

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