Demolition Derby now available for free

Demolition Derby now available for free

Lunagames announced that Demolition Derby – Crash Racing is available for free on the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Phone Store. A PC version is currently under development.

Demolition Derby – Crash Racing is inspired by the Destruction Derby franchise, a classic arcade racing series. Lunagames has made a mobile arcade racer which retains many of the cool characteristics that made these types of games so enjoyable and has added many features and fresh ideas.

The development team has designed a handling model that works on touch devices and has implemented a very advanced deformation model, not yet seen on mobile. Wheels come off, engines explode, windshields crack and bodywork gets smashed to pieces as racers are crashing into each other.

In Demolition Derby players will enjoy the total carnage of the arena mode or will go head to head in one of the many racing events while they earn cash that can be used to buy new cars, boosts, upgrades and skins. Furthermore, the game has been optimised to work with most devices, including low-end spec, so anyone can join the battle.

Key Features:

  • Explore many events, including “last car driving” and demolition races.
  • Real-time car deformation/crash physics engine
  • Choose between three thoroughbred all American muscle cars
  • Customise and improve your car by earning or buying upgrades
  • Choose and modify your control system to facilitate your driving style
  • Intense high speed racing action
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