Destiny’s first expansion: The Dark Below

Destiny’s first expansion: The Dark Below

Bungie has announced Destiny’s first expansion called The Dark Below which well be downloadable on September 9th.

The expansion gives players the opportunity to earn new weapons, armour and gear, including Legendary and Exotic items. The level cap has also been raised to 32 and there are 5 extra Bounty slots added. The story will also be expanded and it will be focussing on a new character called Eris, who comes forward bearing a warning. The Hive are apparently trying to summon the god Crota to destroy Earth. It is your assignment to find Eris in the Tower and to take on a special quest, existing out of three new missions where you can increase your Light and earn new rewards.

Other additions to this expansion include a co-operative Strike, The Will of Crota which puts you and your Fireteam against Omnigul, while she does everything in her power to expand Crota’s Hive Army.

There have also been added 3 new competitive multiplayer arena’s:

  • Pantheon: Which is hidden in the Black Garden inside the old Vex Temple with tight corridors.
  • Skyshock: Old interplanetary defensive walls.
  • The Cauldron: An abandoned place where once Hive rituals were held. The site is focused on close combat.

There is also an extra for the PlayStation users, they will get another co-operative Strike Called The Undying Mind.

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