Details for Dark Envoy’s upcoming patch revealed

Details for Dark Envoy’s upcoming patch revealed

Today saw the announcement of patch 1.2 for Dark Envoy, the recently launched fantasy CRPG developed by Event Horizon. The game is continuously being fine-tuned based on feedback from both reviews and players. Since its initial release, Event Horizon has been actively engaged in meticulously refining the game, taking into account valuable feedback and addressing criticisms from reviews. Within the first week, the team swiftly released three significant hotfixes and Patch 1.1 to tackle common technical problems. Demonstrating a strong commitment to community input, Event Horizon is set to unveil Patch 1.2 on December 12th at 5 pm GMT, marking their most extensive update yet.

Patch 1.2 focuses on introducing substantial quality-of-life features, with a key emphasis on balancing gameplay elements such as skills, enemies, and the tactical environment. Noteworthy additions include a DPS testing ground and a challenge arena featuring handcrafted combat scenarios designed to push players’ party-building skills to the limit.

The full list of updates in Patch 1.2 includes:

  • Added Challenge Arena (as requested by the community)
  • Added Training Room for testing custom builds
  • Enhanced combat and cutscene animations, addressing previous “jankiness”
  • Improved graphics in dungeons and refined combat visuals for a more tactical experience
  • Upgraded in-game cutscene graphic quality
  • Gameplay balancing based on community feedback
  • Class and specialization updates, allowing for changes or upgrades to less favored spells
  • Improved enemy AI
  • Over 30 major and minor Quality of Life features, including the ability to respec skills, expanded combat summary statistics, and two new tactical objective challenges.
  • Dark Envoy Promotion

Dark Envoy is currently available on Steam and GOG, and until December 27th, players can enjoy a 20% discount on the game.

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