Detective Pikachu detects a Pokken Tournament DLC

Detective Pikachu detects a Pokken Tournament DLC

Buy a new deerstalker and dust off your magnifying glass, Detective Pikachu is now available on 3DS systems! Your trusty friend Tim will join you in the game like you’ve never seen before, where you search around Rhyme City for cases to solve that all lead to the true story of Tim’s father. The game is available now, and features:

  • The ultimate crime solving duo – work together with the – by his own words – amazing  Detective Pikachu. A Pikachu like this you’ve never met!
  • An impressive Pokémon metropolis – mingle with people and Pokémon that populate the city on your adventures.
  •  The chance to discover Pokémon myseries – become the ultimate detective along with Pikachu, as you search crime scenes, uncover riddles, and talk to witnesses.
  • An easy mode where Pikachu will help you collecting evidence if you’re having trouble working through your stories.

All of this and more! Players with the extra-large Amiibo for Detective Pikachu will be able to watch short ‘Pika-prompt’ videos, and players with an IOS device can enjoy the new free Imessage stickerset to use in their chats as well.


Along with Detective Pikachu, Pokken Tournament will receive a free DLC pack today, bringing the new fighter Blastoise and the mythical helping pokemon Celebi to the game, along with some new avatar-items. Players that already bought the pack earlier will get it for free, and players that buy it now will also get the previous update’s Pokémon Aegislash and the support-Pokémon Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu.

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