Detroit: Become Human – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: PS4
Tested on: PS4

Detroit: Become Human – Review

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Quantic Dream is the company that started out with Omikron: The Nomal Soul, which was a very revolutionary title for its time. The company further evolved and then eventually started developing mass hits for the PlayStation as exclusives. This company eventually gave us titles such as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls who received stellar reviews and were story driven games that even sold consoles, simply to be able to play said game. Today we have the chance to present you with our opinion of Detroit: Become Human, a modern tale about slavery and breaking one’s boundaries by stepping away from being the victim, to being a worthy living being.


Detroit: Become Human revolves around the status of androids in a modern day society, nearly twenty years in the future. Androids have become a part of day-to-day life, but they are pretty much considered as slaves, even though they have their own form of feelings and personality and one might even say, a soul. Throughout the story we’ll be following three different androids, one being in the service of an elderly man who takes good care of his android, the other being the servant of an abusive father, who even beats the android if it comes to it. Last but not least there’s an android in the service of the police department tasked with hunting down deviant androids, who stray off the path and go against their master(s)’ wishes.

The story is being told in different chapters, alternating between the different androids. Throughout these chapters you’ll have to make many different choices, which alter the outcome of the story, shaping it with the choices you make. This allows for many different paths to explore, but also that there may be big consequences by making seemingly small choices.


More and more games can easily be considered as a piece of art, and Detroit: Become Human easily falls in that category. While the developer can make more interactive cutscenes in a game such as this, allowing them a bit more leeway, the game looks stellar in terms of characters, many different environments and all the clutter that is tossed in said areas. You’ll be treated to a very cinematic adventure with little to no frame drops, no real input lag and simply no real downsides. It’s clear that the potential of the console has been utilized in developing this title and the developers should be commended for their hard work. It’s hard to imagine that on the PlayStation 4 games can outshine this title in terms of its graphical prowess. We were most definitely impressed.


Sound wise the game is also as impressive as it is in the graphical department. A great cast has been used to voice the many different characters in Become Human, and every dialogue is fully voiced, once again heightening the cinematic feeling of this title. The overall backdrop is pleasant, but not too noticeable compared to the stellar voice acting that truly drives the game forward.


Detroit: Become Human is an adventure title, being driven forward by its story value, the many choices you can make and its interesting characters. As you’ll be playing as different androids in this game, you’ll have to perform that day-to-day tasks, while slowly breaking the bonds of their slave status in a modern day society. The gameplay portion is fairly simple as it revolves around walking around, completing quick time events and making choices that determine the future of your character and those around you.

You’ll play through the game as different androids, being part of different households and one actually being employed in law enforcement. The three characters you’ll constantly switch between have different objectives, namely tracking down deviants, wanting to be free and one becoming a protector of the weak, and on their paths many choices have to be made. These choices can have an enormous impact on the story and how your character is seen by others. It’s fun that the game allows players to explore many different routes, but it also makes it hard to know which path is the right one to take for players who have a certain approach in mind. Some commands are a bit vague and basic, making it hard to know what the consequences will be. Nonetheless, if you’re not happy with your choice, you can easily replay a chapter in order to try a different approach.

The controls of the game are fairly straightforward and you’ll often find yourself completing a set amount of objectives; some optional, others you can choose to your liking. These objectives are also in sync with the choices you make, thus making sure the story is tailored to your playing style. Other commands often have to do with glorified quick time events, which will guide you through combat, escape sequences, other basic commands such as picking up objects, reading items and performing other actions. Overall things are kept simple, but the controls are presented in such a fun manner, such as making the proper movement with your stick in order to pick something up, swiping the touchpad to control a tablet and so on.


Detroit: Become Human will probably already be one of the best titles to be released on the PlayStation 4 this year, and might become one of the console’s most memorable exclusive titles. We were impressed by the game’s graphical appeal, the cinematic atmosphere, the many choices to be made, and the replay value if you ever wish to try a different approach when trying out this title. While the game is pretty much exploring, completing tasks and wading through impressive quick time events, we feel this game should be on everyone’s radar, if they love story driven titles such as Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

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Rating: 10.0/10 (3 votes cast)
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Detroit: Become Human - Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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