Devolo looks into the Belgian internet speed for Europe Day


We won’t fault you for not knowing, but tomorrow – May 9th – is Europe Day. This is an annual day where Europe celebrates its unity and the peace that laid the foundation for the union. Cool, but what does that have to do with video games and the internet? Well, Devolo is a European technology company that makes different kinds of hardware and especially focuses on routers and modems to enhance your internet connection. For Europe Day, they compared the internet speed between a bunch of European countries to see where Belgium stacks up.

Singapore is the winner worldwide, for those curious. But within Europe, Denmark has the fastest connection with a download speed of 203,78 Mbps and an upload speed of 109,86 Mbps. When it comes to mobile networks, Norway is the trailblazer. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to move to Scandinavia quite yet though! Devolo also reported that in the span of one year, global internet speed has risen with about 29% on average. Not too bad, in other words.

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