Devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 – Hardware Review
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Devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Includes Ethernet port, Easy setup
Bad: Does not come with its own power socket
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Devolo is no stranger to our site, and so far, we liked every possible Powerline/Repeater solution they offered us. The only remark we could make in the past was that these kits often came at a premium price, making it a bit more expensive for a gamer on a budget. Nonetheless, the quality was always great, and the devices were easy to use or install. Now, we had the chance to take a look at one of their newest devices, the WiFi 5 Repeater 1200. This tiny repeater impressed us, especially as it’s one of Devolo’s more budget-friendly devices.

Immediately upon opening the box we noticed that the WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 was a lot smaller than its predecessors, while still maintaining the same classy look and feel. The device comes without too many whistles and bells, making sure it fits into any type of room or interior. The front plate of the repeater simply has the Devolo brand name on it, as well as a small LED indicator to show the signal strength of your connection. This does not only make the device into a good-looking piece of hardware, but it’s also highly functional as this old-school LED signal-strength bar is very clear from a distance.

This repeater does not come with its own power socket, so that means it will take up one power outlet at your house. Nonetheless, the smaller size makes it a bit easier to fit next to other adapters in your power outlets. This is basically the only bad remark we could make about the device. The package itself is budget-friendly and simply does what you want it to do. Setting up the repeater is easily done via your router’s WPS button or even via the app if necessary, but in all honesty, we haven’t had to use the latter at all to ensure smooth sailing on the internet.

The device comes with one ethernet port, making sure you can also connect an old-school device to it, or you can even turn the repeater into an actual access point. Nonetheless, this item serves best as a repeater and the additional features are basically just bonus elements. With updated internet connections, and just technology as a whole, your standard router is probably already a WiFi access point. During our gaming sessions, and normal browsing, we didn’t really notice any data loss. We were easily able to play competitive games online without experiencing any lag or delays. Once again, this of course depends on the quality of your internet connection as a whole. This device will not boost the quality of your internet connection, as this will completely depend on your provider and/or even the area you live in.


Devolo’s WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 is a great solution if you’re looking for a sturdy and easy-to-setup repeater for your home. The device is a plug-and-play device that comes at a very affordable price. While not having too many whistles and bells, it does offer the option to serve as an access point or it will allow an ethernet device to connect to the internet. This device is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a simple solution to boost your WiFi signal in more remote parts of your house or apartment.

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Devolo WiFi 5 Repeater 1200 - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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