DICOTA Code Sling Bag (13″) – Accessory Review
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DICOTA Code Sling Bag (13″) – Accessory Review

Good: Design, Sturdy, Quality, Iron 'hooks'
Bad: Always having to open up the upper handle can become tedious
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Sleeves, briefs and backpacks come in all shapes and sizes but many tend to look alike. That’s why we try to offer you our opinion about those that look a tad different, have great features and are simply fun, practical and qualitative. Recently we’ve had the chance to try out DICOTA’s Code Sling Bag (13”). Here’s our opinion about this special, yet fun looking accessory.




It’s easy to start off with saying that the Code Sling Bag does not look like any other on the market. Whilst some resemblances will always be noticeable on bags from different bags, DICOTA did its best to create an original bag whilst still offering a good looking product.

The bag itself is quite streamlined and gives the impression it can be used at both casual as well as more formal occasions. DICOTA opted for a design that resembles an envelope, or at least the art of folding paper, known as origami. Even with the lid covering a bit of the design, the overall ‘folded print’ is still quite visible and it looks simple, yet good.

A few fun details that show DICOTA bears quality to mind, is the fact that all the connection rings are made out of metal. This makes sure the rings don’t break after longer periods of usage. Combine this with the double stitched materials they use, then it becomes quite clear that this bag is reasonably sturdy. DICOTA also takes this sturdiness to heart, with the lifetime guarantee they offer on their products.

Another detail, which is immediately noticeable, is the fact that DICOTA chose a tilted design. This means that they turned the bag around and that your notebook has to be inserted from its side, instead of the front or the back. Whilst this may sound like a simple change, it actually changes the complete design of the bag. Certainly a fun touch.

Code Sling Bag 4

Whilst the bag itself may not be the biggest one around, the Code Sling Bag still has a decent amount of room to offer.

  • The first compartment of the bag is closed by the lid, that has (hidden) magnets in order to create a subtle closure. In the compartment itself, you’ll find enough room to store a few small items, such as a small power supply, your pens, little booklets and you’ll also find two pockets for you to store items such as your smartphone.
  • The main compartment of the bag is reachable by opening the handle and the zippers on the top of the Code Sling Bag. When opening the main compartment you’ll see three bigger pockets in order to store all your day to day items. Two pockets are closed with one Velcro strap that covers both pockets. The biggest of these two pockets is used to store your 11-13” MacBook or netbooks. The second smaller pocket is used to store your tablet (up to 10”). Both of these pockets are decently padded and soft materials have been used to prevent scratching/damaging your prized possessions. Last but not least, the third pocket can be used to store documents, other gadgets you need on a day to day basis, a small lunch package and perhaps the power supply of your hardware. A great feature is the fact that you can expand the main compartment by using the zipper on the side.

Code Sling Bag 2

Overall the Code Sling Bag offers a decent amount of storage for a fairly compact bag. If you are a light traveler the bag will offer ample space but if you normally take a big lunch package or a lot of ‘extra items’ you don’t need on a daily basis it might not be all that practical. Then again, the bag is directed at those that need the basics to work, go to school or just get their hardware safely from point A to point B.

DICOTA’s Code Sling Bag provides its user with a decent amount of comfort in its usage, as well as practicality. The compartments prove to be easy, seeing they are divided quite clearly, the Velcro strap makes sure everything is in place and there is not too much ‘clutter’ on the bag itself. The only ‘annoyance’ is the fact that you will always have to open/close the handle of the bag, in order to reach the main compartment area.

Carrying the bag around will feel a bit different than carrying other shoulder bags and this has to do with the tilted design. Luckily it does not feel uncomfortable, which makes it fun to try something new. The strap that is included is also nicely designed and the leathery padding provides it with more grip, keeping it in place better than normal straps.


DICOTA’s Code Sling Bag offers a fun experience, when it comes to design, comfort and practicality. You’ll be presented with a day-to-day bag, for the light traveler that comes at a very affordable prize. Add some features that guarantee sturdiness and a long lifespan of the product, then you’re pretty much good to go. Certainly worth looking into.

More information can be found by clicking here.

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DICOTA Code Sling Bag (13") - Accessory Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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