DIG – Deep in Galaxies releasing on Steam in February

DIG – Deep in Galaxies releasing on Steam in February

It is time for you and three friends to join the revolution in DIG – Deep in Galaxies. The galaxy is in shambles when an evil Overlord and his tyrannical empire hold it firmly in their grip. In order to have a chance to get even close to him you must acquire some experience and money to finance your adventures. Choose your unique character, apply for one of the nine jobs and assemble a gang with your friends for some couch co-op. Coming from the minds of developer Molton Studio and published by Raiser Games who are known for their cult hit Song of Horror and popular YouTuber’s Life series you know you are in for a treat.

In DIG – Deep in Galaxies players will enjoy an open-world progression with the freedom to explore different planets while using a wide range of weapons packed into one action roguelike platformer game. Double jump your way over obstacles, use the grappling hook to take you to higher places, run and gun through hordes of enemies and much more. From start to finish it is promised to be a wild ride, where you are the driver and have everything in control. You plot the course through the different planets, do some odd jobs to get better gear and upgrade your character by unlocking better skills. Your ultimate goal is to start a revolution by overthrowing the evil Overlord and freeing the galaxy from his tyrannical reign.

Are you ready for adventure? DIG – Deep in Galaxies launches on PC and Steam Deck through Steam on February 16th.

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