Diner Bros Inc Will Be Released on Steam on 6 September

Diner Bros Inc Will Be Released on Steam on 6 September

AYFL Games, the creator responsible for Diner Bros, has announced the release date of its new game, Diner Bros Inc. This frantic party game title will release on Steam on the 6th of September.

Join up with three other friends and compete in a local co-op multiplayer with a variety of short minigames in quick succession: cook burgers, defend the Earth from asteroids, sharpen your scissors to become a hairdresser, or go medieval and become a bow master!

Once you’ve cleared enough minigames, you will have a chance to fight mini-boss levels, and you will earn gems that allow you to unlock new story levels, new games, and even new characters. There are enough modes to keep your experience fresh, and the game can be adapted to what kind of difficulty you and your friends enjoy.

Watch the game’s trailer here:

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