Discover the impressive Aeterna Noctis’ OST

Discover the impressive Aeterna Noctis’ OST

Sony Interactive Entertainment España (SIE España) and Aeternum Game Studios have revealed the Original Soundtrack for Aeterna Noctis as their hand-drawn 2D Metroidvania game launch is drawing close. The OST is a collection of 43 tracks composed by Juan Ignacio Teruel Torres and it covers a wide variety of styles and themes. 

The dev team at Aeternum Game Studios has highlighted the eclectic sounds of the soundtrack: from the importance of the piano to powerful bass lines, guitar riffs, and even electronic tunes. Each style will be capital to showcase the variety of levels and enemies present during the game.

The soundtrack will be available on more than 300 digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music. It will also be available on PlayStation Store soon. The action-adventure platformer Aeterna Noctis will be released on PlayStation on December 15th. Players can already wishlist it on the PlayStation Store!

Key features

  • Experience a Metroidvania with a challenging difficulty. Easy to learn, but hard to master as you gain experience and unlock new skills.
  • Explore the mysterious lands of Aeterna in a non-linear way. You are always the one to choose your next challenge. All the levels are designed to fully exploit the movement skills of the characters, opening multiple ways to overcome each challenge.
  • Enjoy a clean and fluid gameplay designed and polished to achieve a system that responds to 100% of the actions regardless of the speed and conditions in which they are executed.
  • Immerse in a deep and beautiful story. Aeterna Noctis is not just about platforms! As a proud son of the Metroidvania genre, it is also filled with fast-paced action, epic moments, and unexpected twists that will captivate even the most experienced of players.
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