Discover the new Kingston FURY Beast DDR5

Discover the new Kingston FURY Beast DDR5

Today, Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP introduces us to the revolutionary Kingston FURY Beast DDR5. It was launched simultaneously with the Intel® Z690 Chipset and 12th Generation Intel® Core™ processors (codenamed “Alder Lake-S”). This is the first platform to use the new DDR5 memory standard, making performance and data integrity improvements globally accessible.

This newest motherboard takes it one step further in speed, capacity, and reliability. It delivers an arsenal of enhanced features, such as on-die ECC (ODECC) for improved stability at extreme speeds, dual 32-bit subchannels for greater efficiency, and on-module power management integrated circuit (PMIC) to deliver power where it matters most. Whether you’re gaming at the most extreme settings, live streaming in 4K+, or rendering large animations and 3D models, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 provides the level-up you need without sacrificing style and outstanding performance.

With superior speed improvements, Plug N Play at 4800MHz¹, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 is ideal for gamers and tech enthusiasts seeking better performance from their next-gen platforms.

In addition, Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 is Intel XMP 3.0-Ready and Certified, which means users can expect an easy, stable, and certified overclocking experience. New features also make it possible to create unique gaming experiences with two customizable profiles for speeds and timings.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 is available in 16GB, individual modules, and kits of two, with speeds of 4800MHz and 5200MHz. Quality is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and legendary Kingston reliability.

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  • Greater performance starting at 4800MHz
  • Improved stability for overclocking
  • Increased efficiency
  • Intel® XMP 3.0-Ready and Certified
  • Qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers1
  • Plug N Play at 4800MHz2
  • Low-profile heat spreader design
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