Divided We Fall – Review
Follow Genre: Top Down Squad Based RTS
Developer: KAVA Game Studio
Publisher: KAVA Game Studio
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Divided We Fall – Review

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‘Divided We Fall’ is a squad based top down tactical control-more-nodes-than-the-bad-guys type of game. On paper it looks intriguing and worth a try, but after this review you will be able to decide for yourself if this is a game for you. If you enjoy a good story or making new friends, this is not the title for you. If you like playing a game with a nostalgic feel, you might be at the right place.

‘Divided we Fall’ is a revamp of the game ‘Call of Combat’ which was released in 2002 and was shut down in 2012. In 2014 ‘Call of Combat’ was relaunched with the help of Kickstarter and was steadily being updated until March 2016 where it was renamed to ‘Divided we Fall’ which eventually was released on Steam in September 2016 as Early Access.  

Divided We Fall Banner 3Story

Unfortunately, the game does not offer anything story wise: when you start up the game you are immediately introduced to the Game Room window which is very basic and neutral. With some imagination, you can place yourself in the persona of the grizzled WW2 grunt who is fighting together with his comrades to secure a small patch of a faraway land just to defeat/support mad men but if you thrive on lore, cutscenes and campaigns your hunger will not be satisfied.

Divided We Fall Game Room 2Graphics

The graphics will not blow you away (nor will the grenades). Explosions, gunshots and so on have zero impact on the environment. You can only change the graphics settings in game (not through the Game Room window) but even then, you are very limited in what you can change as the selection range goes from ‘Fastest’ to ‘Fantastic’ (apart from dynamic shadows on the characters and static ones on the buildings the difference in quality is negligible).

The game does have the authentic WWII look with a nice feel of realism to it – down to the barns and tractors you will hide in or behind at. All of this you see from the God-perspective (top down) yet you will wish the developer had put some more effort into finalizing how everything looks to give it a more gritty and battle-hardened look.

Divided We Fall Game TutorialSound

The game is very quiet, which is good if you want to treat your ears with respect but not if you want to be immersed into the action. The only place you will have any sound is in-game and even then, you will only hear grenade explosions, gun shots and reloading. There is no music when you idle in the Game Room, none while the game is loading nor any in-game to suck you deep into the action.


‘Divided We Fall’ is a tactical, top down, WWII squad game where you control a team of 4 characters whose skill level go from one star to three (these levels do not seem to have a huge impact in how the characters function), all from a top down perspective.

Divided We Fall fightYou can level up your persona by playing battles, but higher ranks do not grant any bonuses apart from changing the echelon that appears next to your name in the Game Room.

Unless you are lucky, you will only be able to play Coop vs AI as finding someone else online to play a game with or against is rare. There is no campaign, the tutorial feels unfinished and somewhat lacking in information. You can only play on 2 maps (‘Bataille la Ferme’ and ‘Small Houses’) which are divided in 9 map squares where the goal is to control more squares than the opposing team to make their tickets drop down from 500 to 0 while killing enemies makes them lose additional tickets.

Combat encounters are slow and unexciting while suppression adds an additional element to the game, however most encounters come down to whoever can throw grenades the fastest and who is closest to any kind of cover. Gunfires are repetitive, especially when you are shooting from behind a cover to someone who is also behind a cover your hit rate will be around 01.00% and this will result in both parties shooting at each other repeatedly. The hit rate will never change nor will the behavior of any character.

Divided We Fall SquadConclusion

‘Divided we Fall’ is a WW2 game which should revolve around strategy and playing tactically but it is quite basic and lacks content. The very limited player base makes it extremely hard to play with or against human players, so you are limited to playing the same two maps repeatedly against AI. The lack of campaign, storyline, lore or anything intriguing makes this a game only diehard supporters of the genre or long-time fans of the developer KAVA Game Studio will enjoy.

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