Divinity Original Sin 2 – Third free DLC to be released soon!

Divinity Original Sin 2 – Third free DLC to be released soon!

Good news for Divinity Original Sin 2 owners! Another free DLC is coming to all versions of the game.

The DLC called Order & Magic is the third free DLC to be patched into the game. Just like the two other DLC’s you’ll get a Gift Bag where you can access the features from the DLC through the in-game menu. All the Gift Bags from all the DLC’s are compatible and you can enable as many as you like.

In the newest Gift Bag, you’ll find Pet Power, Combat Randomiser, Nine Lives (Black Cat+), Improved Organisation, Sourcerous Sundries, and Hagglers.  With Pet power, you’ll improve the summoner’s class and its spells and with Combat Randomiser one of the enemies will get a random special status to randomize fights. Nine Lives allows you to transform the Black Cat into a follower, once you rescue it you’ll get a whistle which allows you to call the cat or make it follow someone else. Improved organisation allows you to use a collection of special bags to organise your inventory.

Sourcerous Sundries makes a mysterious vendor appear in each major hub. The vendor will sell exotic and potent artifacts that can upgrade a character’s gear to bring them up to the player’s current level. Hagglers will allow you to use the reputation and skill of your entire party to haggle for prices.

These new features are completely free and automatically downloaded to your game. If you have cloud transfers enabled these features will also roll over to your saves on PC and vice versa on Switch. The Switch now also has the feature to invite friends to your game. You can invite friends when you start your adventure or even when you’re continuing an already existing adventure.

Divinity Original Sin 2 is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Mac, Switch and PC. We have reviewed Divinity Orignal Sin 2 – definitive edition before, check out our review here.

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