Divinity: Original Sin II goes vinyl

Divinity: Original Sin II goes vinyl

RPGs are known for their amazing sountracks and Divinity: Original Sin II isn’t any different. Larian Studios and Black Screen records have worked together to create three versions. Each of these are printed on 180-gram vinyl and come in three different colors. Every vinyl has a free download code to obtain the full digital album too.

  • Remastered Original Soundtrack Audiophile Edition 180g – a traditional black vinyl for people who still believe color kills sound quality.
  • Remastered Original Soundtrack Ltd. Edition 180g Gold Vinyl – a non-traditional gold vinyl for people who believe everything is better in gold.
  • Remastered Original Soundtrack Ltd. Edition Red/Black Starburst Vinyl – a demon-enriched nietzschean foray into madness and chaos.  

In April, every version will be available and you can already pre-order them on the Black Screen Records website. Of course, if you’re attending PAX East in Boston, you are able to purchase this piece from Larian Studios themselves.

Even more, if you own a Steam version of Divinity: Original Sin (Enhanced Edition), you will obtain a 25% discount on Original Sin II.


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