Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter announced

Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter announced

The first Divinity: Original Sin II knew such a great success on PC that plans for a console release soon emerged. Now, Larian Studios has announced a new Kickstarter project for the sequel Divinity: Original Sin II.

A lot of people wonder why Larian Studios turned to Kickstarter yet again, seeing how great of a success the first game turned out to be. Well, Larian Studios Founder, Swen Vincke explains:

“Divinity: Original Sin wouldn’t be the game it was without the input from our Kickstarter backers & Steam Early Access players. There were a lot of them and they pushed us forwards in directions we hadn’t anticipated when we started development.”

The Kickstarter will take off on the 26th of August and fans can already have a say in possible goal rewards by filling in a form on the official website.

For those of you who are planning to visit Pax Prime in a couple of weeks, the game will also be available to try out at PAX Prime in Booth #6011.

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