Divinity: Original Sin reached its funding goal!

Divinity: Original Sin reached its funding goal!

About a month ago, we informed you all about Larian Studios looking for help from kickstarter members. Larian Studios needed 400.000 dollar to increase the size and quality of Divinity: Original Sin by adding extra quests, skills, dialogues etc… About a month later, they’ve received 944.282 dollar, more than twice what was originally needed. With all this support, Larian studios has enough money to add a new area, personality traits and talents and companions with their own story, personality, etc…

With this new features, the game looks even more promising and we hope to give you a preview soon!

Click here to go the kickstarter project.

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  1. Helaas
    May 8, 2013, 00:49

    Good news indeed. I’ve backed it, looking forward to claiming my rewards. Like a copy of Divinity: Dragon Commander for example :mrgreen:

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