DLC Quest – Review
Follow Genre: Platformer
Developer: Going Loud Studios
Publisher: Going Loud Studios
Platform: PC

DLC Quest – Review

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What happens when DLC practices go too far? A question as important as the meaning of life? Luckily Going Loud Studios’ new game, DLC quest tries to solve this puzzle for us.



You, ‘Player’, have to save ‘Princess’ from ‘Bad guy’. Why? Don’t ask stupid questions, you just have to. A classical formula that has been used succesfully for loads of platformers. Unfortunately you will not be able to complete your quest except if you buy some DLC first. The animation pack, the jump-pack or even the moving-to-the-left pack will surely be important assets in your quest to save the princess. Don’t worry though! Luckily you actually won’t have to buy this DLC, DLC Quest is only a parody on the gaming industry’s current monetization practices. You will have to collect in-game coins to be able to purchase the necessary ‘DLC’ to complete your quest.

This game comes not only with one story but two! Next to DLC Quest you will also have to play Live Freemium to complete the DLC Quest duology. in Live Freemium you will have to save the village that is under attack by some mysterious beast. Which beast? Buy the DLC pack to find out!



DLC Quest has gone for a retro 2D, not quite 8bit, pixelated style. Nothing mindlowing, but all in all pretty decent and it suits the game just fine. The artwork is nicely done and uses a vibrant color pallet. There is even a DLC pack to add particle effects!


If you want to play this game with sound, you will have to buy the audio pack DLC. When you happen to buy the DLC for sound, you will be treated to a soundtrack that makes you feel like you’re playing an old school game. The tunes happen to be catchy, whilst the sound effects may actually sound as if your old Nintendo has been hooked up once again.



DLC Quest is a platformer, which probably tells you all you need to know. The controls are nicely implemented and feel very responsive.
During the overall gameplay you will be looking for coins in the accessible areas of the game, to be able to buy some DLC.  As the intro said, the game ‘mocks’ the current DLC policies and makes you buy DLC for pretty much everything. You want to move left you say? Buy DLC. Double Jump? DLC! (You get the picture, I presume?)

The overall difficulty is quite easy, although there are some areas that will provide a challenge. Not all secret areas may be that visible and the game will provide you some extra fun in fully exploring the small world of DLC quest. Personally I felt the game needed some enemies in the overworld to provide some variety in gameplay. Of course you can buy  DLC! A zombie pack is available but sadly these zombies will only roam around without attacking you.

Humor is something DLC Quest does not lack – you will have a fair amount of cheesy dialogues with the world’s NPC’s and you will enjoy unlocking all the DLC packs the game throws at you.

Overall the length of DLC Quest is quite short, but it is fun to play all the way through. (So maybe the short length can be positive too?)
DLC Quest took me about 30min to complete and Live Freemium just over an hour. Quite short, but acceptable for it’s low price.



Do you want a short, well executed game to kill a few hours? Add a few chuckles to the equation? DLC Quest’s short adventure might be the way to go then.

You were expecting a longer conclusion? Or even a longer review? You might want to consider buying some DLC to access our special features.


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