Do you dare enter the Puppet House?

Do you dare enter the Puppet House?

Publisher Gaming Factory, and developers Vecube Studio and Spirit Games Studio have announced that their upcoming title Puppet House is set to debut in 2024, offering a unique blend of campy horror and challenging escape room elements for a thrilling experience. The latest trailer provides a glimpse into the gameplay and the mystery surrounding a house haunted by a sinister puppet. Immerse yourself in the eerie world of Puppet House, where horrors are carved from wood. As detective Rick, your task is to unravel the mystery of local disappearances, all of which lead to the old house of a deceased ventriloquist. Will you be brave enough to follow this case, even if a murderous puppet crosses your path?

The game balances a sense of unease with B-movie horror humor, reminiscent of classic 80s and 90s horror movies and games. Expect over-the-top scares and a creepy yet absurd puppet antagonist. This combination of scares and humor ensures an unforgettable horror experience that will both thrill and entertain. Puppet House challenges players with intricate puzzles and escape room elements set in a haunted mansion and its surrounding estate. Solve brain-teasing riddles and unlock hidden passageways to progress, all while navigating an eerie atmosphere filled with campy B-movie horror humor. Each puzzle is designed to test your wit and logic, immersing you deeper into the puppet’s dark secrets.


  • Demonic Puppet Antagonist: Encounter a soul-stealing puppet that relentlessly hunts trespassers.
  • Puzzle-Adventure: As detective Rick, solve cleverly designed puzzles to uncover the mansion’s dark secrets.
  • Escape Room Elements: Navigate through an evolving environment.
  • Atmospheric Horror: Experience a chilling atmosphere with haunting visuals and sound design.

Puppet House is now available to Wishlist on Steam

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