Doge Trader criticizes crypto currency

Doge Trader criticizes crypto currency

By trading crypto, you can easily gain a lot of money, but you can lose it even faster. RymPow, a creative collective based remotely all across Poland is developing Doge Trader, a game that provokes thoughts and gives an absurd perspective on today’s crypto industry. In this game, you’ll become a troubled canine desperate to learn about trading and making the magic internet money everyone is talking about nowadays.

With crypto being on the rise, there’s a lot of interest in the topic, but a lack of education about it. The developers thought that maybe this game can fill in this gap a bit. In this game, You can trade crypto, level up and unlock abilities, make choices, and have different encounters that affect the crypto market, all in a colorful and unique art style.

Doge Trader is being developed for PC and will release on Steam later this year. Check out the Steam page for more info on this crypto-trading game. Check out the announcement trailer below this post.

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