Dokus de Leerling #22 Plan D – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: Funny
Written by: Zidrou
Illustrations: Godi
Coloring: Laure Godi
Publisher: Le Lombard

Dokus de Leerling #22 Plan D – Comic Book Review

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With the summer holidays about halfway, what better way is there to pass your time than with the new issue of Dokus de Leerling? Plan D offers you forty-six pages of new gags about Belgium’s most famous lazybones. Get your inspiration now, and be prepared for the coming school year!

Dokus #22 Plan D

As usual, this album of Dokus de Leerling doesn’t offer a full-on storyline but instead you get treated to several different gags that do follow each other chronologically, but don’t offer more story than that it’s the end of the school year, followed by the summer holidays, followed by the first day of class in September. Through the gags you get an idea of how Leonie, Mr. Peeters and Dokus spend their summer holidays: Leonie only wants to learn more, taking extra classes both here and abroad, while Dokus puts a lot of energy into trying to find excuses to not have to study, and Mr. Peeters has a hard time not being able to teach for two whole months.

It’s a nice idea of Zidrou to use some kind of storyline throughout all the gags, as it brings some cohesion to the whole, which keeps it fun to read, even though the story is as simple as this one. The gags themselves usually revolve mostly around Dokus’ inventive ways of cribbing. However, this album is situated for the most part during the summer holidays, so we get more of an insight into Dokus’ ways to elude the extra work his dad wants to give him. He might be lazy when it comes to making his homework, but no effort is too big in order to obtain his goal of not having to work. A bit contradictory, but that’s what makes it fun. While the idea is quite nice, the gags themselves are often a bit predictable and not always that funny. Nonetheless, a younger audience will definitely appreciate it.

Dokus 2

Godi’s illustrations look very likeable as always. The thin, clean lines combined with Laure Godi’s bright color scheme make the whole look fresh and new.


Dokus de Leerling #22 Plan D offers, as usual, an album full of school related gags. The overall idea is simple yet good, but the gags themselves lack that little something to make them truly funny. Nonetheless, for the younger audience for which the comic book is meant, it will surely be an amusing pastime.

Dokus 1

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Dokus de Leerling #22 Plan D - Comic Book Review, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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