Doodle God: Evolution PS4 release announced

Doodle God: Evolution PS4 release announced

Today, JoyBits Studios has announced the release of Doodle God: Evolution on PlayStation 4 after the successful release on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. This classic puzzle game collection will be coming to PlayStation 4 on October 15.

Doodle God: Evolution is a bundle of Doodle God and Doodle Farm where players will start out by combining the four elements as they set out to build their own civilization. Over 500 unlockable items will allow you to progress through world-building in your own creative way to ultimately complete the puzzle and build a self-sustainable civilization.

To keep the game interesting while you progress, each time you successfully create a new item, you’ll be rewarded with an interesting scientific fact or philosophical pearl of wisdom from some of the greatest minds our world has ever known. These will not always be helpful at that time, but can always prove useful later on.

Below, you can watch the latest trailer for Doodle God: Evolution to see if this game piques your interest.

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