DOOM: Unto the Evil DLC – Review
Follow Genre: FPS
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: Xbox One

DOOM: Unto the Evil DLC – Review

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DOOM has been out for a few months now, and while the game certainly received its fair share of attention, there hasn’t been much word about the DLC packs that the game would receive. Sadly, Bethesda opted for multiplayer DLC, rather than to build further on the game’s forte, namely its single player campaign. The lukewarm multiplayer did not convince that many gamers to explore it to the fullest and now, without any structural changes in the first DLC for said multiplayer, we aren’t all that sure if it will bring new players to the gory battlefield.

Doom Unto the Evil

As expected the first of three DLC packs of DOOM brings some new maps to the game, which all have their quirks and are fairly large. Sadly, the rotation doesn’t ensure you’ll be playing your new content a lot, as you’re fully dependent on where the game will dump you (for the most part). Nonetheless, the new maps all have their spiffy appearances and will make sure you’ll have a fairly new experience, as it’ll take quite some time to memorize these new battlefields.

Of course, maps are a standard thing in multiplayer DLC, thus we were pretty much curious to see what new weapons were tossed in this hellish oblivion, as well as the new monster class. First of all, the campaign’s pistol makes its way to the multiplayer portion of the game, which is fun and all, but doesn’t truly feel all that special. The Kinetic Mines we did like a lot, as they add a layer of tactics to the entire experience, seeing they are reminiscent to Call of Duty’s Claymores. The latter is probably a matter of personal taste.

Doom Unto the Evil 1

The harvester is the new demon you’ll be able to control, which is one of the monsters already in the campaign as well, thus again the developers did not bring anything brand-new to the table, except for the fact that you can finally commandeer this hellish beast. While this ‘character’ is quite fun to work with, timing its special electrocution attack will take a hefty amount of practice, so don’t fret if you die a couple of  times before actually pulling off something useful.

There’s one massive feature that makes this DLC a great buy, if you happen to play with your friends a lot, namely the fact that if you bring friends along who don’t have the DLC, they can still play the content thanks to you. Perhaps, if you’re doubting to buy the package, you can consult your friends to pitch in a small sum.

Doom Unto the Evil 2


DOOM: Unto the Evil will bring joy to enthusiasts of the multiplayer features of DOOM, but those who didn’t think much of the original multiplayer mode will not find any solace in this slightly overpriced DLC package. If you were eager to try out new maps, new weapons and a new monstrous character, this one will certainly light that special fire inside your DOOMed heart. If  you’re content with an occasional session, you might consider waiting for a drop in price, it all just depends on how actively you play the current multiplayer mode.

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DOOM: Unto the Evil DLC - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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