Double Pug Switch – Review
Follow Genre: Runner, Platformer
Developer: Apriori Digital
Publisher: Apriori Digital
Platform: Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One
Tested on: Switch

Double Pug Switch – Review

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Pugs are adorable dogs but they’re also unlikely video game protagonists, given their short stature. It’s therefore somewhat surprising that developer Apriori Digital made Double Pug Switch, a game that allows players to fulfill their lifelong dream of playing as a pug. Is Double Pug Switch the definitive pug adventure or is it best left at the pound?


Players step into the shoes of the titular pug, an adorable puppy named Otis. Otis is the trusty companion to the professor, whose name is never mentioned. The professor also owns Whiskers, a devious cat. When Whiskers deliberately knocks down two vials of chemicals, as cats tend to do, he opens up a portal to another dimension. Both Otis and Whiskers are sucked into the portal. Now trapped in another dimension, Otis must find a way home. That’s easier said than done, however, as Whiskers has taken on the persona of Lord Sker, he has decided he wants to remove dogs from existence and create a cat-only dimension. 


Double Pug Switch makes use of a simplistic but very clean vector art style. It works well for both Otis and Sker, who look adorable. The professor is a bit less appealing, mostly because her animations feel a bit unnatural and her limbs seem disproportionate to the rest of her body. That said, her role is limited throughout the game and most of your focus will be on Otis and his dimensional counterpart, and they look fantastic. The game offers a smooth framerate, which is essential to a fast-paced game that requires quick reflexes, and this is of course in part thanks to the decision to use the vector graphics here. We should point out that the cartoonish style can be a bit deceiving. The game looks like it is aimed at a younger audience, but keep in mind that the game is frustratingly difficult at times, so it might not be suitable for all kids. 


While there is nothing wrong with Double Pug Switch’s soundtrack, it is quite bland and unremarkable. The electronic music in the levels feels very generic. The lack of voice acting for the professor and the use of stock sound effects don’t help here either. Adding insult to injury, the game doesn’t even include barking sounds for Otis during the levels themselves. The opening cutscene’s audio fares a bit better as the music is more exciting and matches the flow of said scene, but after that, the music just blends together, with no standout tunes. 


If you’re a fan of the runner platformers, then you’ll be happy to learn that Double Pug Switch offers up 40 levels for you to try and beat. While platformer fans are spoilt for choice, the runner sub-genre is woefully underpopulated so seeing a new game try to fill that niche is always a welcome sight. As you’d expect from a runner game, Otis will move forward on his own, and the challenge lies in crossing obstacles by carefully timing your actions. The game doesn’t limit Otis’ abilities to just jumping, and provides a dimension-shifting mechanic where Otis turns into his dimensional counterpart -both the origin of the words “double” and “switch” in the title- allowing him to move through obstacles that regular Otis would not be able to.

Levels are relatively short affairs, with checkpoints sprinkled throughout so the game never gets too frustrating but don’t be deceived by the cartoonish appearance. The game can be notoriously difficult at certain points, and chances are you will die a lot as you replay certain parts over and over again. Part of beating the game is memorizing when to perform certain actions and unless you have lightning-quick reflexes, beating a level on your first try is virtually impossible. While this trial-and-error approach can be annoying, and you’ll need to be in a certain mindset to enjoy the game’s punishing difficulty, it’s undeniably satisfying when you do succeed in getting through each of the game’s levels. The game’s grand finale then sees you face off against Lord Sker, in a boss battle of sorts. 

The difficulty level is integral to the game’s length. Even though there are 40 levels, spread out over 5 worlds, the levels themselves are relatively short and a perfect run of a level only takes a few minutes. The longevity is increased somewhat by the inclusion of coins that can be picked up while running. These come in two varieties: gold coins, which are plentiful, and rarer purple coins, which can be obtained by clearing some of the more challenging obstacles the game has to offer. Both varieties of coins can then be used to buy cosmetic hats for Otis. Hats range from angel halos to fireman helmets and our personal favorite: a dinosaur mask. Admittedly, these cutesy additions don’t help to hide the fact that Double Pug Switch offers a very basic gameplay experience. Don’t get us wrong, though. What’s on offer here is a neat little game that delivers exactly what it promises, and given the low price point that’s perfectly fine. If you were expecting Double Pug Switch to revolutionize the runner genre, however, you’ll probably end up disappointed. 


Don’t be deceived by Double Pug Switch’s cute appearance and relatively short length. There is plenty of fun to be had with this runner game. The dependence on memorization and the difficulty do require a focused mindset, but if you’re in the right mood, then the game is very satisfying to play. Add to this, that the game is on the cheaper side of the spectrum and that there isn’t a lot of choices when it comes to runners on the Switch and you’re looking at a decent addition to your library. 

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Double Pug Switch - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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