Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training coming to the Switch

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training coming to the Switch

If you had a DS back in the day and an older relative, chances were pretty high that there was a Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training in your household. The game that helps you train your brain and will actually improve your IQ (results may vary) proved to be rather interesting for many, as it spawned several iterations. For some older gamers this title will now be a distant memory since the game did not really show up anymore after 2012 when the 3DS version came out. Those who have played and enjoyed it will be glad to hear that the game is coming back for the Switch.

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training will have a few key games such as:

  • Finger counting: count using your fingers and react fast
  • Sudoku: the classic puzzle
  • Math problems: How fast can you solve these?
  • Rock, paper, scissors: use your hand to indicate the winning answer
  • Words: combine letters to form words
  • Photographic memory: try to remember the pictures shown
  • Dual task: jump over obstacles while choosing the highest number

You will be able to train your brain for the Switch starting January 3th 2020

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